Excellent Brands are always loved! Surprisingly, Vera Bradley is the most famous brand for producing traveling backpacks. “How to Wash Vera Bradley Backpack” Their backpacks are loaded with innovative features in the lightweight comfy design to let you stay stylish.

Although Vera Bradley is the name of trust and their marketed backpacks are durable enough to stay with you for decades.

But cleaning has always been a concern for almost all users. Well, all backpacks are quite hard to clean, and Vera Bradley Backpacks are not different.

Ahead of the curve, the main concerning point for Vera Bradley Backpacks is that they are carved using pure materials such as cotton, leather, microfibers, etc.

And they are loaded with unique designs and cool colors. So, maintain the gifted look people often ask the question that “How to was Vera Bradley Backpack?

It’s tricky somehow! But don’t worry as we have designed this guide to teach you well that how you can wash your Vera Bradley Backpack without damaging the built-in quality.

Here, we are going to give you some instructions to keep your Vera Bradley Backpack looking stunningly clean and just as fresh as it did the day when you brought it to usage. Let’s get started!

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What is Vera Bradley?

On a clear note, Vera Bradley is an American Brand of Luggage, handbags, backpacks, wallets, and other accessories. The name of this brand is actually on the name of its founder “Barbara Bradley”, they founded it in 1982.

The very attractive thing about their bags is that they carve them using luxurious cotton, microfiber, leather, and performance twill with the added flair of style and fashion.

Moreover, their bags have unique designs like geometric, floral prints and the paisleys add more to the existing appearance.

How to Wash Vera Bradley Backpack?

The thing to know about the Vera Bradley backpack is that they aren’t equipped with a water-resistant barrier to make them protective from dirt or any other debris. So, you are required to wash your backpack after some use.

How to Wash Vera Bradley Backpack

Now the question comes, how to wash the Vera Bradley backpacks without damaging their color and built-in style? Well, keep in mind that Vera Bradley backpacks require only very basic cleaning. Strong chemicals can easily damage their quality.

1- Steps to Wash the Vera Bradley Backpack

Although it’s not easy to wash such sensitive backpacks with ease, so you need to follow the given step-by-step directions to effectively clean your Vera Bradley Backpack.

Step#1: Check tag for care instructions

The very first thing you need to do is to look for the tag containing instructions about how to wash it. After ensuring that your backpack is made of washable material and doesn’t come with any special washing care instructions then you are safe to move forward for any cleaning method.

But if you find the instruction that your backpack’s material isn’t machine washable, then never take a risk to put them in the washing machine.

What if you don’t find any instruction tag? Simply, you can check online, or call the manufacturer to confirm the cleaning process. If you aren’t comfortable with this, carry on to follow the next steps with us.

Step#2: Empty your Backpack

Now it’s time to empty your backpack to prepare it for cleaning. Double-check the internal pockets, nooks, and crannies.

If you left something in the backpack like tissues or any price of clothes, that will create a bigger mess while cleaning.

We highly recommend you turn each pocket inside out and give the backpack a good shake to remove any crumbs or little bits of anything that can get wet.

Step#3: Remove Bottom Insert

Upon opening the bag, you can see a cardboard or plastic insert placed at the bottom to keep the backpack in an upright position.

We recommend you remove that hard surface due to plenty of reasons. Firstly, it will ease the cleaning process. Furthermore, it could be damaged while cleaning. So, consider removing it before embarking on cleaning.

But keep in mind that not all backpacks by Vera Bradley have a slit to take the cardboard out. If you have got such a backpack, never clean it in a washer as you will end up with soggy much that will be not easy to clean. And you might ruin your backpack in the process.

Step#4: Cover your Backpack

Looking confusing? Well, this step is completely optional, but it has worth protecting your Vera Bradley backpack.

All you need to do is to grab a white cover or simply you can take a plain pillowcase and put your backpack in it before placing it in the washer. Why do you need to do so?

Stunningly, this will protect the fragile parts of your backpack from scrapping against the metallic drum of your machine. Moreover, it ensures that nothing will be meshed or tangled during the cycle.

Step#5: Select Cycle on the washing machine

We tested and found that Vera Bradley backpacks are only safe to wash in a machine on a gentle cycle. Here, you need to use cold water only. And try to keep the possible cold temperature. If you got a slow spin option, choose that one for safe washing.

Step#6: Put some cleaner

The best-tested cleaner for the Vera Bradley Backpacks is the “Vinegar”. You need to add a small amount of white vinegar rather than adding any detergent as it can damage the color of your backpack.

Moreover, white vinegar is an excellent and safest material to remove mild stains and to fetch away unpleasant odors without harming the delicate weaving of your backpack.

But if your backpack got firm messy stains that can’t be washed out with vinegar, then you can add some mild detergent or non-chlorine bleach to get effective cleaning.

Step#7: Dry Indoors

After taking the bag out of the washing machine, you need to carefully dry it. Remember Vera Bradley Backpacks aren’t safe to dry in a dryer.

So, try to hang your washed Vera Bradley Backpack on a cloth hanger from the hook in the laundry or place it somewhere over the sink to handle the dripping water.

We don’t recommend cleaning them outdoor as most of the Vera Bradley backpacks are sensitive to high temperatures or intensive sun heat for a long time. The heat can cause the design and color of your backpack to quickly fade or tarnish.

Step#8: Check for proper cleaning and drying

Don’t do everything in a hurry as perfection comes with proper handing. That’s why you need to make sure that your backpack is completely dry before taking it to pack.

You might leave it on the hanger for a night, as dampness can damage your sensitive belongings.

When it gets fully dry, double-check that all stains are removed as some stains start appearing again upon complete drying.

Once you’re satisfied, go for the next step.

Step#9: Remember to put back the Cardboard base

If you removed the hard base before cleaning, don’t forget to place it back to get the original shape of your backpack.

And if you forget to pop back the cardboard, your Vera Bradley backpack will look shapeless and you might find it difficult to perfectly organize your stuff inside.

Step#10: Remove any wrinkles

Sometimes, machine washing results in imparting some wrinkles to your Vera Bradley Backpack. If you ever encounter such wrinkles, try to remove them. Firstly, try to smoothen it with your hands, if it goes unrewarded you can use the press. But never directly press your backpack, place some cotton cloth on the backpack then press it with a moderately heated iron.

Step#11: Use Scotchgard on the Backpack

This step is completely optional but excellent to prevent stains in the future. All you need to do is to get the Scotchgard fabric spray to save your backpack from frequent washing in the future.

This is because Scotchgard is excellent to minimize the penetration ability of dirt, dust, or stains. And hence they won’t penetrate deeply into the fabric of your backpack and they will also make the cleaning easy. As you will be able to clean your Vera Bradley Backpack with a clean, damp cloth.

Now place back your stuff, and you’re ready to go!

What If my Vera Bradley Backpack isn’t Washer Safe?

Hiding nothing, many of the Vera Bradley Backpacks aren’t marked as machine washable. This might be due to their sensitive building material, color, print, or some attachments that can get damaged in the washer.

So, if you got a Vera Bradley Backpack that isn’t washer safe, you don’t need to worry about perfect cleaning. We all know that hand cleaning demands extra time and effort, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep our luxurious items safe.

Moreover, some people don’t even want to use the washer to maintain the built-in quality of their backpacks.

Well, you can hand wash or spot clean your Vera Bradley Backpack after some use to keep them clean and free of dirt. If you have spotted some marks or stains on your Vera Bradley Backpack, here’s what you need to do.

Steps to Hand Wash your Vera Bradley Backpack

We are come up with some useful steps to hand wash or spot wash your Vera Bradley Backpack.

  1. Empty your backpack by removing all the items.
  2. Remove the hard base or cupboard from the bottom (If it’s removable).
  3. Use cold water to dip your backpack.
  4. Brush off any loose dirt or lighter marks.
  5. If the stains are bad, try using some spot cleaner of your choice. We recommend you use white vinegar or a mild detergent in as little quantity as possible. But never use bleach here.
  6. Efficiently rub the cleaner at the spots. You can do this with your finger or simply use a toothbrush. We don’t recommend using a cloth brush as it got hard teeth which can damage your backpack.
  7. If the spots are gone that’s great, if not then leave your backpack in cold water containing mild detergent or dish soap for an hour or half.
  8. After removing spots, flush your backpack with cold water until all suds are gone away.
  9. If any soapy water is left in your backpack, you can use a clean wet cloth to remove the soapy residues.
  10. Finally, dry your backpack by hanging it indoors, either in the laundry or a place near to sink.
  11. Make sure the backpack is completely dry.
  12. Put back the cupboard if you removed it.
  13. Pack your stuff and you’re done!

Can You Put Vera Bradley Backpack in The Dryer?

You can better get the answer to this question on the provided instruction book with the Vera Bradley Backpack.

Only some of the backpacks have got dryer safe marks. But never leave your Vera Bradley Backpack in a dryer for more than 20 minutes. And make sure to never leave it in the dryer when it’s super-hot as the heat can damage the built-in quality.

If you’re here for our recommendation, we strongly suggest you never put your Vera Bradley Backpack in a dryer as we have some bad experiences with it, even or backpack was marked dryer safe. For effective drying, try to leave your washed backpack in the open air for the whole night.

How to remove the unpleasant smell from your Vera Bradley Backpack?

On the clear ground, it happens to almost every commuter who uses the backpacks on regular basis during traveling. I better know that how unpleasing such odors are. But how to remove them with ease? Well, it’s surprisingly simple!

 All you need to do is to pack a small sachet of baking soda and leave it in your Vera Bradley Backpack between uses. Baking soda is proved excellent to keep away the bad smells in addition to providing freshness.

As the Vera Bradley Backpacks are highly sensitive, so we don’t recommend using any artificial fragrance.

Final Words

Grounded in fact, Vera Bradley Backpacks are now trending due to their unique design, color, soft material, lightweight construction, and affordable price range. They always remain unique in providing the best backpacks to travelers or commuters.

As they got some unique characteristics, so users always remain conscious about their maintenance. Above all, cleaning is the main concerning point, so you must know that how to wash Vera Bradley Backpacks.

In this guide, we tried to explain the nitty-gritty of how to wash your backpack with ease. Hopefully, you’re now able to perfectly wash your Vera Bradley Backpack!