On the moral high ground, Swiss Gear Backpacks always remain a priority choice for almost all kinds of users. People love these backpacks due to their high-end quality and excellent durability.

Also, they are kept safe, comfy, and water-resistant to provide you with the best of both worlds.  

As they are precisely carved using durable materials with a mix of European style, so you are required to maintain them as effectively as possible.

No matter what material your Swiss Gear Backpack got, you must know that how to handle it. In the run of maintaining the built-in quality and look, cleaning or washing the backpack has always been on priority.

When we use the Swiss Gear Backpack very often, it can catch dust, and stains which spoil the whole look of your bag. That’s why washing it could be a nicer idea.

As we know that Swiss Gear Backpacks are carved using high-end materials and they come in different designs and colors.

So you can’t follow the simple washing method as for your other backpacks. Then, how to wash a Swiss Gear Backpack?To completely teach you about the washing of your grabbed Swiss Gear Backpack model, we have designed this whole comprehensive guide.

Continue reading with us to learn how to wash a Swiss Gear Backpack.

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Method#1 Hand Wash your Swiss Gear Backpack

Grounded in fact, the safest and most efficient way to wash a Swiss Gear Backpack is to give it a hand wash.

How to Wash a Swiss Gear Backpack

No matter how sensitive the construction material of your Swiss Gear backpack is if you know how to effectively wash it you can keep your bag safe and sleek just like a new one.

You must follow the below-mentioned steps to efficiently wash a Swiss Gear Backpack.

Step#1: Read the Care Label

This is the most important step which most people ignore and then end up with a damaged Swiss Gear Backpack.

All the backpacks by this brand come with a care label which contains almost all the information regarding the suitable washing material and compatible washing method.

In actuality, the washing method greatly depends on the material type of your Swiss Gear Backpack, so read well before you proceed.

Most of the Swiss Gear Backpacks have a care label attached along the side of the seam across the main zippered compartment.

If your backpack doesn’t have a care label or you’ve lost it somewhere, try to test the small area of fabric and check how the cleaning agent works.

Step#2: Emptied your Backpack

The very first and precautionary step which you can’t ignore is to take off your all items from the backpack that are water sensitive.

Another thing you need to do is to use a small vacuum to clean the hidden interior corners of your Swiss Gear Backpack to remove any small particles of dirt and garbage.

Once you emptied your backpack, leave the pockets unzipped to effectively clean the interior. Here, we got two tricks for you.

  • Upon removing the personal items, try to clean the dirty ones so that they can’t make your backpack dirty again when you pack them back.
  • Try to keep all your items in a plastic bag, so that you won’t lose any important stuff while packing again.

Step#3: Pre-washing Preparations

Here, you need to check the removable parts of your Swiss Gear Backpack and try to remove them before soaking in water. Such as if your backpack has any kind of internal or external frame, make sure to remove it before washing.

Also, check for the detachable pockets and straps from the main body of the Swiss Gear Backpack and clean them separately. This would ensure the effective cleaning of each portion.

Furthermore, cut any loose threads which are quite close to zipper areas as they can be snagged or stuck the zippers.

After taking off all the removable parts, try to brush off exterior dust and dirt with your hand. And use a damped rag to swiftly wipe the outside of your bag.

Stunningly, this step helps to remove the dirt and keeps the waster as clean as possible.

Step#4: Deal with Dirty Spots

To get rid of dirty spots, you need to use any pre-treatment stain remover which you have tested before, but avoid bleach in all cases.

Grab a soft brush or just any old toothbrush to do the trick. All you need to do is to scrub stain residues and keep your backpack for 30 minutes so that the stain remover can effectively complete its reaction.

What if you don’t have ant specific stain remover? Don’t worry at all, we got a trick for you. Here, you can use your brush dipped in a solution containing liquid detergent in water.

Step#5: Fill Bathtub with Water

You need to get lukewarm water for this purpose, try to avoid warm water as it can bleed the colors on a backpack.

Try to fill the water in a bathtub or laundry sink for proper washing of your backpack. Make sure you have plenty of room to wash out all the sections of the Swiss Gear Backpack.

Here, you can do two things after reading the care label.

  • If your care label allows, submerge the backpack in water to get deep cleaning.
  • If the care label won’t allow you to fully soak the backpack in water, try to get some soaked rag and perform cleaning with it by just wetting it.

Step#6: Add Mild Detergent to Water

Out in the open, you must have a gentle detergent to do the trick, it must be free from fragrances, dyes, and strong chemicals.

If you won’t pay an attention to the composition of grabbed detergent, you might end up with a damaged Swiss Gear Backpack’s fabric.

Also, strong chemicals can decrease the efficacy of waterproofing layers on the bag fabric.

Step#7: Scrub the Backpack

The is the most crucial step which helps you to remove all the stains or bad spots from the backpack. You should use a soft brush and cleaning rag to get efficient cleaning.

In actuality, a brush can help to clean particular dirty areas, whereas the cleaning rag can help in general cleaning of Swiss Gear Backpack.

Hold in there, if your backpack is carved using delicate material, you can use a sponge instead of a brush to prevent any damages to the fabric.

For effective cleaning, you can do two things. Either submerge the backpack in water or just dip the scrub brush or cleaning rag in water to do the trick.

Step#8: Rinse and Wring

After ensuring that all the stains have gone, you must rinse your Swiss Gear Backpack with lukewarm water to get rid of any soap or detergent as the soapy residues can damage the backpack fabric.

Next, you need to wring out the bag as much as you can. But keep an eye on the straps, zippers, and foam areas, don’t damage them while wringing.

To perform effective wringing, lay a towel on a flat surface, place a backpack on it, and roll the towel having a bag inside to make a tube-like structure. The towel will absorb the excess water.

Step#9: Drying

Here, you must know that no Swiss Gear Backpack is dryer safe. So, never try to put them in any dryer as it can badly damage the structural properties of your bag.

So, the drying process is the same for all Swiss Gear Backpacks, you must let them dry naturally.

Keep in mind the following things.

  • Hang the backpack upside down and keep the pockets unzipped whilst it dries.
  • Try to dry your backpack in an open area with proper aeration as it will help you to deodorize your backpack.
  • Try not to keep your backpack in direct sun for too long as Swiss Gear Backpacks are UV sensitive.
  • Before using the backpack again, make sure that it’s completely dry as the wet compartments allow mold growth on the bag which can be seriously damaging.

Is Swiss Gear Backpack Machine Washing Safe?

If you want to check the machine-washing compatibility of your Swiss Gear Backpack, you must read the care label attached to your backpack to better get an idea.

No matter your chosen Swiss Gear Backpack is washer safe or not, machine washing can impart serious damages. So, if you want to increase the lifespan of your backpack, don’t fling it into the washer as it can rip it off.

But some Swiss Gear Backpacks are carved using high-end, strong material which can bear the machine washing. But never try to dry your Swiss Gear Backpack in a dryer as the spinner can cause serious damages.

Well, if your Swiss Gear backpack is marked safe for machine washing, and you’re willing to wash it in a washer, then you must know that how to safely wash it. We got a trick to safely wash your Swiss Gear Backpack in a washing machine.

Let’s discuss how to wash a Swiss Gear Backpack in a washing machine.

Method#2 Machine Wash your Swiss Gear Backpack

If you don’t know how to wash a Swiss Gear Backpack in a washing machine, then follow the below-mentioned steps to perfectly done this job.

  1. First of all, check for ant leather trims and linings in your backpack. If your bag has got leather, don’t put it in the washing machine.
  2. Firstly, you need to take off all your items from the backpack. Double-check each compartment and pocket and remove all the residues like papers, tissues, cardboard, etc.
  3. Then, use a mini vacuum to clean any dust and small crumbs as they can make the water dirty in a washing machine. Also, clear the dust from corners to get efficient cleaning.
  4. The different trick which we got for you is that you should place your Swiss Gear Backpack in a laundry bag as it can greatly save the zippers and straps from getting stuck in the rim of the machine.
  5. Try to use cold or lukewarm water for washing your Swiss Gear Backpack as the warm water can damage the fabric of the bag.
  6. When it comes to adding a detergent, add a small amount of gentle, mild detergent as the strong chemicals can spoil the design and color of your backpack.
  7. When it comes to setting the cycles on the washing machine, you must keep everything normal or even slow and left your backpack inside the machine for a maximum of 2-3 cycles. But don’t forget to monitor the wash after each cycle and check for any jumbles.
  8. Once the machine is stopped, take off the backpack and make sure that all stains are gone.
  9. Now it’s your turn to dry your Swiss Gear Backpack. You need to dry it in the open air as the dryer can damage the fabric.
  10. For effective cleaning, try to soak excessive waster by wringing water in a towel and then hang it upside down for complete drying.

Wrapping it Up

On the final note, Swiss Gear Backpacks are made from superior material and are having the heart of users due to their high-end performance.

As they are kept user-friendly, durable, and affordable, so people think that these bags don’t need any special cleaning or washing.

But you’re wrong here. Your Swiss Gear Backpack must be washed differently compared to other backpacks. “How to Wash a Swiss Gear Backpack” After reading the guide, you must be able to answer this question with greater confidence.

Our described methods are tested on the Swiss Gear Backpacks and we tried to include common steps for all kinds of such bags.

Wash differently to get a better feel!