When it comes to brands, not all names are significant in producing high-end backpacks. But few brands are there whose carved backpacks have the heart of users and the North Face is one of them.

This brand has gained huge popularity in lesser time by producing durable, functional, and stylish backpacks.

Grounded in fact, North Face mostly designs their backpacks for outdoor adventures like climbing, hiking, and mountaineering. So, they are made using high-end materials which need special care.

As we use backpacks very often, so they might get dirty and catch hard spots which can spoil the overall look of your “How to Wash a North Face Backpack”. That’s why their proper maintenance is required.

But as the North Face Backpacks are based on special materials, so must know the compatible washing techniques to do the right trick. Most people ask the question, how to wash a North Face Backpack?

Well, it’s not very hard to wash it, but it might be tricky as you can’t wash it like other backpacks. You need some extra care and need to follow the proper guidelines given by the North Face.

In this guide, we are going to show the different methods of washing the North Face backpacks along with the safety instructions to hold your back.

Let’s discuss further!

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Things you Need to Wash

Here, we have listed down the things which you need to perfectly wash your North Face Backpack.

  • Basin, bathtub, or large sink to fit the backpack
  • Non-bleach, mild detergent
  • Towel or soaking cloth
  • Soft brush
  • Hanger

Prepare your North Face Backpack for Washing

Before embarking on ways of cleaning or washing a North Face Backpack, you must prepare it for this purpose.

How to Wash a North Face Backpack

To do so, you need to check each pocket and take off all the materials from inside to save your sensitive gears from getting wet.

Keep the zippers open, turn the bag upside down, and give it a good shake to get rid of hard-to-reach debris.

Once you make sure that your North Face Backpack is empty, proceed with the next step.

How to Wash a North Face Backpack?

Method#1: Hand Wash a North Face Backpack

As the North Face Backpacks are carved using high-end materials, so you must know that how to clean them. The cleaning of your backpack entirely depends on the hardness of spots and dirt it got.

Let’s discuss which method is suitable for your grabbed North Face Backpack.

Step#1: Brushing off Grime and Dirt

This method is only suitable when your North Face Backpack has got some dust particles and now it’s not looking as shiny as new.

Most people tend to directly wash the backpack when it gets dirty but that’s not the right way as the wet dust can stick on the fabric and it will be hard to remove it even after proper brushing.

To successfully follow this method, you need to use the toothbrush or soft brush whichever you find comfort in your hands.

We recommend you use a paper towel for the wider areas and a toothbrush for narrow crevices which demands a bit more effort.

Hold in there, try to be gentle while brushing your North Face Backpack as hard or improper brushing can impart scratches or damage the surface of your bag.

Is this method only useful when your backpack is less dirty? No, not at all! You can follow this method as 1st step of the washing process and follow it before soaking your backpack in water for giving it a proper wash.

Step#2: Wipe Down your Backpack

This step is operative when your North Face Backpack has got some spots along with the dirt but those spots must not be too hard as we aren’t going to use detergent.

Most users are loving this mild cleaning method because it eliminates the dangers of using detergent as even the mild detergent can cause harm to the backpack.

To properly follow this method, you need to carefully clean both the exterior and interior of your North Face Backpack.

Clean the Interior

As we know that cleaning the interior isn’t necessary but it becomes essential when your North Face backpack is dirty from inside.

Moreover, cleaning the interior is an excellent way to keep the backpack just like the new one and maintains its original feel for longer.

You need to make sure that there’s no dirt or dust stuck on the inside as the trapped dirt can complicate the cleaning process.

But how to clean the interior without using a detergent? You can do the right trick by using a paper or regular towel.

All you need to do is to wet the cloth, wring it to remove all the excess water. Keep in mind that you have to use as little water as possible because we don’t want to make the backpack too damped.

Hold on there, you must wipe down each pocket and compartment which requires proper cleaning.

Clean the Exterior

After cleaning the interior, you need to carefully look at the exterior. If all spots have gone while interior cleaning, then you don’t need to clean the exterior.

Overall, we recommend you to do the spot cleaning of the exterior which is highly recommended by North Face.

All you need to do is to use the damp cloth directly on the spots that are easy to clean. Stunningly, the spot cleaning takes no time, but it can save you from the issues associated with the full cleaning.

On the contrary, this method is also useful when you need to give a quick clean to your North Face Backpack. To do the trick, you need to use a wet cloth or paper towel for exterior cleaning.

You must re-soak the cloth, wring it out, and repeat the process until you get the desired results. Hold in there, try to keep the backpack as dry as possible.

After proper cleaning of your North Face Backpack, you have to hang it for proper drying. But if you remain unable to get rid of hard spots, follow the next steps to get a proper wash.

Step#3: Soak the Backpack

After mild cleaning, if your North Face Backpack still has some dirty spots or you’re not satisfied with the cleaning by wet cloth method, then soaking is the only solution.

When it comes to North Face Backpack, you must use lukewarm water rather than using warm water as it can damage the color and design of your bag.

Fill the basin or bathtub with this water and submerge the backpack in water with all the pockets and compartments fully opened to achieve deep cleaning.

To successfully proceed with the process, grab a soft brush or toothbrush to effectively clean the hard-to-reach parts of your North Face Backpack. And lightly use the brush on the fabric to scrub off the dirt that’s stuck on the stitches or anywhere on the fabric.

Remember, you don’t need to add detergent here as we will first try to do the trick without detergent.

Step#4: Add Detergent

On a clear note, we don’t recommend you to take your North Face Backpack washing process too far, but if you’re willing to do so then try to use a mild detergent as possible.

It must be free from all chemicals and fragrances as it can badly react with the DWR coating and main construction material of your backpack.

So, you need to follow this step only when there are stains that won’t come off in any other way or by going through the above-mentioned steps.

Which detergent you should use for your North Face Backpack? We recommend you use any bleach-free, mild detergent for this job.

To perfectly follow this step, you need to add tepid water in a basin or bathtub and add some cleaner in water.

Hold in there, avoid dropping detergent directly on the bag as it can damage it quite quickly. Try to use as little detergent as possible and mix it well to fully dissolve it in water.

Then, fully submerge your North Face Backpack in water in a way that the stained areas remain under deep water.

Keep the backpack soaked for few hours, the soaking time entirely depends on how bad the stains are. We recommend you to check it after every 30 minutes, if you feel that the stains are going remove the backpack from water.

Keep in mind that don’t leave the backpack in soapy water for too long as it can take away the color of your backpack by damaging the fabric.

If after soaking for few hours, still some stains are there then scrub the stained areas with some soft brush. It will help you to get rid of stains quite quickly.

Well, after ensuring the proper cleaning, you need to rinse the backpack many times by submerging it in clean water until no residues are left behind. You should only stop the process when bubbles stop forming while the bag is underwater.

Step#5: Drying

No matter what kind of North Face Backpack you got, never attempt to dry it in any dryer as it can rip away the fabric and original feel of your backpack. That’s why we recommend you dry your backpack in an open area.

You must have a hanger to hand your backpack in a place where it can dry quite slowly. Hang your bag in an upside-down direction to achieve the best drying as it allows the water to drain off quickly.

Never dry it in direct sun as North Face Backpacks are marked UV sensitive.

Method#2: Machine Wash your North Face Backpack

When it comes to North Face Backpack, we don’t recommend machine washing as it can damage the fabric of your bag.

But some people prefer to wash their dirty backpacks in washers as they don’t have time and effort to spend on hand washing. Wait a moment, some North Face backpacks are marked as not safe for washers.

So, before you go with this method, you must read the care tag that came with your North Face Backpack. If your backpack is safe for machine washing, then that’s good to go, otherwise, never wash it in any kind of washer.

Steps to Machine Wash a North Face Backpack

If you have checked the care label and are now ready to wash your North Face Backpack in a washer, then you must follow the given steps to safely accomplish this process.

  1. First of all, you need to empty your North Face Backpack by taking off all the inside items. Double-check each pocket and compartment as your items could be damaged with water.
  2. Then use a mini vacuum to clear any dust or small crumbs as they can create a mess in the washing machine.
  3. Now you need to place your North Face Backpack in a laundry bag, otherwise, the zippers and straps can stick in the rim of the machine.
  4. When it comes to filling the water, try to use lukewarm water for washing your North Face Backpack.
  5. Remember to add mild detergent and try to add it in the lowest possible amount.
  6. You need to wash your North Face Backpack in a washing machine a gentle cycle and try to check the progress after some time as the bag can be jumbled in the machine.
  7. Once the machine is stopped, take your backpack out of it and make sure that all stains are removed.
  8. Finally, dry your North Face Backpack in the open air as the dryer can damage it.


On the moral high ground, North Face is one of the most popular brands which is widely loved by almost all users. They are leading because they carve backpacks based on the feedback of world-class users.

As most of the North Face Backpacks are designed to meet the needs of any outdoor adventure, so their construction is backed by high-end materials which demand special care.

Moreover, when we often use backpacks for outdoor visits, they get dirty quite quickly. And you must clean or wash them to prolong their life span.

But how to wash a North Face Backpack? After reading the guide, you must know the right ways to wash your North Face Backpack.

Follow us perfectly to get better results!