There are different approaches to cleaning backpacks, but everyone wanted to know the best one that doesn’t affect the integrity of your backpack.

Herschel is a well-renowned backpacks manufacturer because of its sleek style and minimalist color design.

But is a fact that no matter what bag you are carrying, it will get dirty after consistent exposure.

No matter how much you take care of your bag to avoid it from getting dirty, after some time it starts to look dull and dusky.

Washing your bag after some time is a good decision but you have to be careful about the method you adopt to wash your bag.

Using the wrong approach may result in discoloring of your bag and it may wear out.

The statement given by Herschel Supply Co. about washing the backpack recommends using a mild soap and washing on hands.

We have brought you a complete step-by-step guide on ‘how to wash a Herschel backpack like a pro?”

Just stick to the post and you will be satisfied by the end of the article.

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Methods For How to Wash a Herschel Backpack

There are two ways suggested by experts to clean your Herschel backpack that is narrated below:

  • Spot treatment with a mild soap.
  • Hand washing the bag using a mild soap.

Method#1 Spot treatment with a mild soap

Spot treating your backpack just involves steps to clean the affected areas of the bag. Remember you don’t have to clean the whole backpack.

You are spot cleaning your backpack, which means you are specifically targeting only the dirty parts of your backpack.

We have explained the whole spot treatment method step-by-step below.

Step-1: Empty your backpack:

Well, before starting the cleaning process you have to make sure that your backpack is completely empty.

Put the soap and sponge aside and take your time to take your stuff out of your backpack and put it aside.

But you are not done with emptying your bag. Most people think that taking their stuff out is the exact meaning of emptying your bag.

But the truth is you have to take out the dirt and crumbs also because if your start cleaning your backpack without taking them out they will cause your bag to get dirty very quickly.

Hold your backpack upside down and shake it well to take out all the dirt. If you are having trouble taking out small crumbs you can use a handheld vacuum too.

If you see and loose material or threads close to the zippers remove them because they cause your zippers to get stuck.

Clean the items you have taken out of your bag and set them aside.

Step-2: Clean grimy spot:

Remove grime and crumbs by using a soft makeup brush. Do it by dabbing the brush on the spot.

We recommend not using a toothbrush for this purpose as it could cause damage to the bag’s material.

Alternative: If you don’t have a makeup brush you can use a paintbrush instead.

Step-3: Cleaning spots:

For this step you must have a:

  • A mild soap
  • A soft sponge
  • A clean towel

Take the sponge and run it over some warm water. Squeeze a little to take the excess water out.

Put a little amount of soap into the sponge. Look around your backpack for any spots. Slightly damp the affected area of the bag.

Start rubbing the sponge in a circular motion to gently penetrate the affected area. Look for other spots and perform the same task on them.

Patch Testing: It’s better to use a small quantity of soap on a small area of the backpack to see how the fabric of the bag reacts to the soap you are using.

After you are done cleaning all spots, use a small rag or clean sponge to wipe off any of the extra residues.

Step-4: Time to dry:

Once the spot areas are cleaned completely. Let the backpack dry in the open air. Before hanging your backpack outside make sure there’s no rain in the weather forecast and the weather is not so windy.

Warning: Don’t use the dryer to dry your backpack. It will badly affect your backpack fabric and appearance.

Instead of using a dryer, you can use a blow dryer to dry your backpack fast by maintaining an optimal distance between your backpack and the blow dryer.

Method#2 Hand washing the bag using a mild soap

The company itself recommends not to wash the backpack even by hand. You have to keep in mind not all backpacks from Herschel are washable. A bag with nylon fabric can bear hand washing.

How to Wash a Herschel Backpack
How to Wash a Herschel Backpack

So before deciding to wash your backpack consider the fabric out of which it is made. We have explained how to wash a Herschel bag like a pro?

Step-1: Empty the bag:

The first and foremost step before washing your Herschel’s backpack is to empty it. Remove all your school supplies, laptop, notebooks, pencils, and other personal items.

Open all the zippers and compartments of the backpack. Turn it upside down and give it a handshake.

Use a handheld vacuum to take out the trash and crumbs that are stuck in the sides of the backpack.

Before exposing your bag to water make sure nothing is inside it otherwise it can be damaged by water and soap.

Step-2: Read the instructions:

Every backpack includes a care label that narrates the washing instructions. Some backpacks from Herschel can be washed by machine and some by hands only.

Leather backpacks cannot be washed in a washing machine. You can wash them by hand but it takes more care during washing.

Step-3: Removing detachable straps:

It is better to remove the detachable straps from the backpack if you are planning to put it in a washing machine.

You can wash these straps separately. By removing the straps the backpack becomes lighter and can be washed easily.

You can wash the removable straps using a heavy-duty detergent. These detergents are packed with enough enzymes that can easily break the soil so that it can be flushed away with water.

Step-4: Spot cleans your backpack before washing it:

Before washing, the bag you must spot treat your backpack. You can use a soft brush for this purpose. We have thoroughly explained how to spot treat your backpack prior.

Step-5: Wash the bag using a mild soap:

For washing purposes, you are advised to use a mild soap or an organic labeled soap.

The purpose of using a mild soap for washing your backpack is that it will prevent your backpack fabric from any kind of damage.

A mild soap is the one you use to wash dishes by hand. A mild soap will not harm your backpack fabric.

It is advised to use a mild soap if you wash your backpack by hand. You can either use a mild soap or an organic soap of your choice. The choice is up to you.

Soak the bag in a tub until it’s totally dampened. After that put a small amount of soap on the sponge and start washing your backpack with gentle rubbing.

Step-6: Rinse the backpack:

This step is to wash out the soap from the backpack so it should be performed thoroughly.

All you have to do is pour warm water in a pot to its full. And soak the backpack in it. You can also perform this step in a basin.

 Rub the bag a little keeping it in water and then flush the water from the basin. Repeat the process until all the soap from the bag has been flushed out.

You can also perform this step in a basin.

If you choose to rinse your bag in a basin, make sure that you are selecting the one that will soak your backpack without overflowing.

When using a large tub or basin, fill it up to 6 inches of the way with water.

Warning: Don’t use boiling or hot water to wash your backpack as it will cause damage to the fabric and the color of the bag.

Step-8: Dry the backpack in the open air:

Once you are done with washing, take a towel and wrap your backpack in the towel to soak up any leftover water before setting it out for drying.

We recommend to air dry your backpack and letting it take its time to dry completely.

Don’t put your backpack in a dryer as it is not a good approach to drying your backpack.

If you are in hurry and wanted your backpack to dry quickly then use the dryer with the least heat option and don’t leave your bag for so long in the dryer.

Step-9: Maintain your backpack look:

Once your backpack is fully dried, it’s time to give it a final touch-up. Look around the bag to see if there are any loose threads around the zippers or nearby.

It’s important to do this after you wash your backpack. This step maintains the look of your backpack. Take a second to look at any thread you might have missed.

It’s better to look for any additional damage to the bag. If you find any tears or whole in your bag, it’s better to take your bag to the tailor on time and get them to fix it before they create more damage to your bag.

Frequently asked question

Can I wash my Herschel backpack in a washing machine?

The company itself has recommended its customers not wash their bags in the washer. They recommend using only mild soap and cleaning the affected areas only.

The washing machine can cause damage to your backpack fabric so it is not a recommended way of washing your Herschel backpack.

How can I disinfect my backpack?

You can use different approaches to get your backpack free of germs. You can adopt any of the following for this purpose.

  • Use an enzyme cleaner to clean your backpack. Enzyme cleaners break down the kind of bacteria that are caused by sweating and oil without causing any damage to your backpack fabric.
  • Keep your in the open air under the sun for one day to get rid of the smell and clean it.
  • Use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar solution. Spray the solution on the net ire bag and let it dry completely.
  • You can use a sanitizer for disinfecting purposes.
  • You can also use a store-bought deodorizing spray to escape the smell from the backpack.


When it comes to cleaning a Herschel backpack there’s no other option best than washing it by hands.

If you use a washing machine approach to wash your backpack it will be against the released statement of the supplier and they will not be responsible for any damage caused by washing it in the washer.

Some of the backpacks such as those made out of nylon can be washed in the washing machine because of their durability and strength.

We have narrated the best approaches to how you can wash your Herschel backpack by maintaining its look. If you follow these approaches sincerely you will get the best results after washing.

We are honored that you took your time off to give this article a read. We hope this article has helped you a lot in solving your concerns and answering your questions.

Good Luck!

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