Every trend stays for a certain time! After that time, we all remain in search to transform our product into a new trendy style, which isn’t always easy.

The same is the case with backpacks. Wearing the heavier and larger backpacks on both shoulders is the need of the hour as otherwise, we can’t be able to perfectly balance the weight on a backpack.

But when it comes to smaller and lightly packed backpacks, most people love to wear them on one shoulder.

Well, wearing the backpack on one shoulder was a widely popular trend, just a few decades back. But nowadays wearing the backpack as the sling bag is again trending due to the style and look it offers and level of ease in carrying it.

To follow this trend, most people are throwing their old stylish backpacks to buy new sling bags to run faster in the race of fashion and style.

But others are there who don’t want to spend again on a trendy sling bag as they know that this trend can disappear at any time.

Don’t worry, we got a trick for you. Interestingly, you can now switch your Backpack to a Sling Bag without having any special skills.

That’s why people these days are frequently asking the question “How to Turn a Backpack into a Sling Bag” This is amazingly easy, but only when you know how to do it perfectly.

If you want to know all the possible methods to turn a backpack into a sling bag and to make convertible backpacks, then continue reading with us as we are going to amaze you in a while!

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Methods For How to Turn a Backpack into a Sling Bag

Every method has its durability and holding capacity.

How to Turn a Backpack into a Sling Bag

Method 1: Cut One Strap and Hook Other

Grounded in fact, this is the most loved and traditional method of turning the backpack into a sling bag which with no exception is truly amazing and easy to follow.

Most people have a common misunderstanding that removing one strap on the backpack can make it a sling bag.

This is not the case; go and read again the title of this method and you’ll get an idea of what’s hidden. Cutting the one strap can convert it to one strap backpack which isn’t a sling bag by any means.

Surely, we are going to cut one strap to follow this method, but never skip to modify the second with the help of a swivel hook. Looking complicated? Don’t worry at all and follow the given steps to get good mileage out of this method.

Step#1: Gather Tools and Accessories

To accomplish this method, you will need the following things:

  • 1-inch swivel hooks.
  • Sewing kit – You will need the sewing kit to patch up the holes on the strap where you cut it. And it must have a thread of different colors to suit best the design and style of your backpack especially when it contains complex graphics.
  • Stickers – If you don’t know how to sew or are unable to find the right thread color. Then you can use the stickers to innovatively patch up the cutaways.
  • Scissors – Your grabbed scissors must be heavy-duty and sharp enough to cut through the thick straps. If you got leather straps, ordinary scissors won’t work there, so you must have one durable pair.

Step#2: Measure the Straps

This is the most important step which you can’t skip as without proper measurements you won’t be able to cut the strap as accurately as you planned.

Generally, the straps on backpacks are long enough to touch the diagonal ends, if that’s not the case with your backpack you must leave a bigger portion of the second strap to do the trick.

Step#3: Calculate your Wearing Style

Before moving on to the next step, you try carrying your backpack with one strap on each shoulder and from there you must calculate that with which carrying position you are more comfortable.

For an estimation, firstly carry the empty backpack and then fill some lighter stuff inside and try again. Remember, you must feel easy on the chosen shoulder strap, no matter how much weight your backpack carries.

In this way, you will figure out that which carrying position is going to suit you the best.

Step#4: Make a Cut

Once you have decided which strap must be there, you need to cut the second one. You can use scissors to effectively cut the strap through the fabric.

Figure out the exact location where the strap is attached to the backpack and cut right there. Keep in mind, you just need to cut the top end then shorten the bottom end to get your act together.

Hang in there, smartly cutting the strap on the backpack might be a bit challenging as there are high chances that you can mistakenly cut out a portion of the backpack where the seams are connected.

Step#5: Patch Up Holes

After cutting the strap, you will be left with some prominent holes on the backpack that can be torn further upon heavy lifting. So, you must use your sewing kit here to effectively patch up the holes.

Try to use some matching or contrasting thread, depending on your backpack’s style and your preferences. If you don’t know how to sew perfectly, simply grab some durable stickers to make your job done.

Step#6: Modify Second Strap

As both the straps are connected to the backpack, so you need to cut the second strap as well to get the desired results.

Hold on there, if your backpack incorporates hook straps, don’t bother to modify the second strap as you can do the trick by simply redirecting it diagonally toward the other end.

But if your backpack doesn’t come with any hook strap, consider installing one. This is because a hook strap will be required to connect the cut-out strap on the bottom end. Here, if your backpack is missing with O-ring.

install it as well.

Method 2:  Cut Both Straps and Rearrange

This is somehow a tricky way to turn the backpack into a sling bag, but it actually works well if your backpack got smaller straps or comes with a much-complicated design.

Sometimes cutting the one strap goes pointless, there you must adopt this method to get your perfect sling bag within less time.

Step#1: Cut Both Straps

All you need to do is to figure out the exact position from where you have to cut the straps. Here, you need to be extra careful, don’t leave the handing strap parts on the backpack.

And try to make neat cuts that can be covered to make the backpack as stylish as it was before cutting the straps.

Step#2: Reposition One strap

Out of two straps, you now have to restitch the one. Firstly, place it diagonally in the middle where both straps were stitched and try to figure out it fit between the edges.

Then stitch it right there with great precision and try to make firm stitching as this only strap will be bearing all the weight inside your sling bag.

Method 3: Convertible Sling Bag Backpack

This is the most loved method as it doesn’t require cutting any straps on your backpack, so you can easily use it as a backpack or a sling bag according to the situation you’re in. Looks amazing? Let’s discuss how we can make a convertible backpack.

Step#1: Gather Materials

To get a sturdy sling bag, you must have the following things in your hands.

  • Thread and a needle
  • A pair of scissors
  • Two smaller fold-back clips
  • A candle / Lighter / Matchbox
  • A piece of sturdy fabric which might be an old belt, backpack strap, or a piece of jeans.

Step#2: Prepare Clips

The very next step is to prepare your grabbed clips. For this, you need to hold two clips and pop them together in a way that you can pull apart the outside clip handles with ease.

Step#3: Prepare Strap

This is the most important step which demands accurate measurement without which you might not be able to get a perfect sling bag. Try to measure the exact length which you need on a strap to hang is diagonal.

Next, you have to sear the ends of the strap with the help of a candle or a lighter. Just lit the candle and place the strap end quite near to it for few seconds, this will prevent frying.

But remember this step is only good for plastic fabric strap, but if you hold a cotton or leather strap you must sew its end so that it won’t fry later. For leather, make sure to give more than one hard stitch as its ends can misplace quite easily.

Then try to hand stitch the bottom of the strap to the bag, it must be that side of a strap that doesn’t have any attached clip.

Step#4: Stitch Clips

Now it’s time to fix the clips at relevant positions by stitching them. You must stitch one clip on the bag and the other on the strap to enable perfect clipping.

For this, you must know that what kind of sling bag you want, and mark the position where you want to attach the open end of the strap as you already sewed one end in the previous step.

At that exact position place one clip and sew it perfectly in a way that it can’t even shake when you lift the backpack. And place the second clip on the other end of the strap and sew it there.  

Make sure to knot the thread after stitching and then trim it off.

Step#5: Make the Strap Operational

As now you have a clip on the backpack and one on the strap, just put one clip in the other and tie them perfectly in a way that you can even open the strap when you are not going to use this backpack like a sling bag.

And at that time, you can untie the clips and place the strap inside the bag, and confidently use it as a backpack.

Most people are loving this method just because you will have an option t carry it both as a backpack and a sling bag.

Final Words

On the final note, sling bags are now trendy as most people consider them a part of their style. They are no different from backpacks in all respects, the only major difference is the strap which is only one on the sling bag while backpacks have two straps to hold them on your back.

Disposing of the backpack just to buy a new sling bag isn’t a good idea. Rather we recommend you change your backpack into a sling bag.

Do you know how to turn a backpack into a sling bag? Well, after reading this guide your head must be full of ideas to perform this task.

Go and enjoy this adventure!