For relaxing needs, camping is the popular choice for holidays among explorers, especially during summer and spring. Regardless of where you’re going camping, the tent is the must to have thing along with you.

As we know that tents are a bit heavier and occupy more space, so must plan how to store your tent perfectly to set on long journeys.

Practically, the most popular and safest way is to pack the tent inside your backpack. “How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack?” But how to pack a tent in a backpack? Well, this isn’t as easy as you think. You need to follow some proper guidelines to do the trick.

This is true that there’s not any single way to pack the tent in a Backpack, but the basics of all methods are the same.

You need to pack your tent perfectly and then place it at the right location in the backpack. To know how to pack your tent and where to place it in your backpack, continue reading with us!

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Which Backpack to Pack Tent Inside?

A variety of backpacks are there which can hold a tent perfectly. But we highly recommend an internal frame backpack for this purpose.

Actually, it’s excellent to keep your stuff secure and to maintain the upright position of your backpack. Moreover, the backpacks with an internal frame have more space for things to place.

Hence, it allows you to pack your gear easily without overstuffed.

But what if you already have a backpack without an internal frame and don’t want to buy a new one? You might be stressed that your tent is too much big compared to a backpack. But don’t worry, we got a trick for you.

In this case, you can get a compression bag that is superb to tightly pack the backpack, makes it compact and smaller to allow easy packing.

Before making a choice, remember to take into count the size of your grabbed tent and then buy the backpack accordingly.

Now after getting your backpack ready, you must know that how to pack a tent in a backpack.

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack?

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack

After selecting the right backpack for your adventure, you must know how to pack a tent in your backpack. You must need to follow the below-mentioned steps to effectively complete the packing process. Let’s get started!

Step#1: Completely Dry the Tent

Before embarking on placing the tent in your backpack, make sure that it’s completely dry. You can do it by simply lay it flat on the dry, clean surface and try to remove any dampness.

We need to do it because a damp tent not only adds unnecessary weight to the backpack but also makes surrounding stuff damped.

Then, you need to follow the given steps for the effective packing of the tent in your backpack.

Step#2: Take off the Tent Poles

For effective packing, you need to take off the tent poles which come with the tent. Put them in their original packaging. This thing will help you to roll the tent with more accuracy.

Step#3: Roll the Tent

Here, you need to ensure that the pole bag is aligned with the sides of the tent. The pole bag provides support for the tent. Now, start rolling the tent and try to give the smallest possible fold to maintain compact packaging. While rolling try to keep the folding as much straight as possible.

At any step, if you find that the alignment is no more the same, unroll and start again. A rough-rolled tent won’t allow you to effectively pack it in a backpack.

Step#4: Tighten it Perfectly

A highly compact and tight tent is the one which going to help you while packing it in a backpack. So, make sure that your rolled tent perfectly tightens to do the trick.

You can make it extra tighten by placing your knees on it and put all your body weight to extract some extra loosen part of your tent. This will greatly help you to manage space in your backpack.

Step#5: Ribbon your rolled tent

Although this step is completely optional, you can follow this to get better results. All you need to do is to tie a rope or ribbon around the tent to save it from any accidental unrolling.

Step#6: Stuff the tent in its bag

Almost all the tents come with their packing bags. Place the rolled tent in its bag. This will ensure that the tent will remain in a perfectly rolled position throughout your journey. Also, it helps to keep your tent tight.

Step#7: Start packing your Backpack

To perfectly pack your backpack and place the tent in the right position, you need to wisely consider what to pack first.

Keep all the inventory beside you which you’re going to take for the adventure and place the heaviest thing at the bottom. This will help in evenly distributing the weight.

Step#8: Place the sleeping bag at the bottom

You need to place the sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack. As a sleeping bag is the last thing which you will need, so place it at the bottom and keep other necessary things on the top.

But make sure that your sleeping bag is dry and try to fold it in the maximum compact size.

Step#9: Place the tent above the sleeping bag

Finally, it’s your turn to place your packed tent in the backpack. You must place it on the top of the sleeping bag.

The ideal and recommended way is to put the tent uprightly in the corner of the backpack. But if you find it occupying too much space, place it horizontally.

But remember to keep the tent in the middle of your backpack. Now place some items like jeans and T-shirts to ensure it doesn’t wobble.  This will help to equally distribute the weight.

How to Attach Tent to a Backpack?

Well, if you don’t have enough space in your backpack to place your tent inside, you can consider attaching it on the outside. But that will be a bit challenging and tricky. You must consider buying a backpack with an external frame.

It will help you to securely strap on your tent and sleeping bag without affecting access to the internal compartments.

Most hikers and campers like to keep the tent outside the backpack because they need to keep sensitive gears inside. But keep in mind that the tent attached to the backpack will be more prone to environmental conditions.

Steps you need to follow:

If you are just new to the game, you must know that how to attach the tent to your backpack in a way that it can’t burden your back. To get such a packing, you need to take in count the below-mentioned steps.

1- Grab the Backpack with External Frame

As a matter of fact, a backpack with an external frame is stunningly designed to hold the tent and other such bigger items on the exterior.

2- Understand the risk of attaching tent outside

Keeping aside the advantages of packing the tent outside, you must be aware of the risks before attaching your tent to the backpack. Keep in mind that you can encounter the following problems.

  • The biggest downside is the tent snagging. The tent hanging outside could be damaged by branches or other sharp objects.
  • Another risk is that the tent might fall off the backpack. It can be disconnected at any time, so you must be careful.

3- Make sure your tent is fully protected

This is the most important step which you need to follow before attaching your tent to the backpack. Although most tents are waterproof, but if water gets inside while it’s packed up, it can cause major harm to your tent.

Then how to protect the tent? You can use the zip lock bag or any waterproof bag to store your tent for added protection.

4- Check the compatibility of your Backpack

Grounded in fact, both the internal frame backpack or an external frame backpack with lots of compression straps can do the trick for you to attach the tent outside.

But make sure that the frame and straps are up to mark before attaching the tent.

5- Use close-loop ties

You can use close loops to get some extra peace of mind as they can prevent any accidental slipping of the tent. So, your tent won’t lose anywhere in the middle of your journey.

6- Attach your tent

Finally, you’re going to attach the tent to your backpack. Try attaching it at the bottom as it greatly helps to reduce the chances of injuries as it puts less strain on your back.

Moreover, you will find it easy to walk than the one attached at the top which can put more burden on the back and hence makes your walking more awkward.

Is it Worthy to pack a tent in a Backpack?

You might be asking this question as you have seen many campers or hikers who are carrying a tent on the outside of the backpack. Am I right? Yes, most are carrying it outside the backpack because they want to keep some sensitive gear inside.

But there are some drawbacks to this. Your tent will be more prone to environmental conditions, so it can get damp or wet. Moreover, during traveling the tent might lose the attachment and fall away. So, you must think twice.

Now the question arises, does packing the tent inside the backpack is worth it? Well, doing so is more advantageous.

The main reason is that your tent will be much safer and you won’t need to worry about falling it at any place. But there is also a downside of this packing, it will occupy more space in the backpack and you might find it difficult to store other necessary items.

But overall, we highly recommend you to pack your tent inside the backpack as you will find it more comfortable and stress-free.

Is it necessary to have a Waterproof Backpack to Pack Tent Inside?

On the moral high ground, waterproof bags must be the priority for campers or outdoor adventurers. As the things you are carrying inside your backpack are your real assets because you’re leaving all other things at home.

So, taking care of all stored things must be your priority.

And this can be made possible only by having a waterproof backpack. It will greatly assist you in making your journey stress-free even in rainy weather.

Some people adopt another way, they wrap everything in plastic zipped bags before placing it in the backpack. This is also okay but can be bothersome and not 100% secure from the weather.

Overall, if you’re planning to carry your tent inside your backpack, we highly recommend you grab a backpack that is completely waterproof and can spill out any moisture or water drops.

Final Verdict

On the final note, the tent is an essential gear to enjoy adventure outdoor. As they are quite big, so most people find it hard to carry them.

The easiest and efficient way to take your tent with you is to pack it inside the backpack. But how to pack a tent in a backpack? Well, you need to have some special skills to perfectly pack your tent inside your backpack. If you don’t know how to do this, just read this guide to act like a pro.

Happy Safe Travelling!