Business travel demands your best look! Believe it or not, most business attires are prone to wrinkles in a way or two. You suit jacket, pant, and collared shirt often wrinkle in a backpack, and need to be press again upon arrival at your destination.

One of the repetitive questions I get asked is “How to Pack a Suit in a Backpack”. The thing which I can hear in this question is how to keep away wrinkles from our packed suit in a backpack.

Did you also mean the same? I can better understand the dilemma which you have and the fear of consequences.

Keep in mind that improper packing of a suit when you’re going to place it in a backpack, not only imparts wrinkles but can also ruin your new, expensive suit by getting in touch with other packed gears.

Everyone is extra conscious about the suit on any travel, as we only carry necessary ones. If you’re also searching for how to pack a suit in a backpack, then relax now as we’re going to explore the nitty-gritty of perfect suit packing in any kind of backpack.

To save you from any trouble, we’ve designed this guide to teach you how to perfectly fold the suit, ways to keep it wrinkle-free, and how to perfectly place it in your backpack.

Are you excited now? Let’s don’t waste time and start the perfect packing!

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Clean and Press your Suit Before you Pack

Before embarking on the ways to pack the suit, you consider pressing the cleaned suit. But why you need to do so? This is because the best folding techniques can only prevent wrinkles during the traveling process, but they can do nothing for stains or wrinkles that are already there on your suit.

For perfect cleaning of your suit, we highly recommend dry cleaning. Whilst ironing your suit jacket, make sure that the lapels are well pressed. This is because, you can hide wrinkles elsewhere on the suit, but not possible to hide them on the lapels.

How to Pack a Suit in a Backpack?

To perfectly pack a suit in a backpack, you must learn all the possible methods to pack each part of your suit in a possible neat way to keep it wrinkle-free on the go. Here, we’re going to discuss how to fold a

How to Pack a Suit in a Backpack
  1. Suit jacket to pack in a backpack.
  2. Suit Trouser to pack in a backpack.
  3. Suit shirt to pack in a backpack.

1- Folding a Suit Jacket to Pack in a Backpack

On the clear ground, folding the suit jacket properly helps to keep it wrinkle-free and save some space in your backpack.

If you got ample space in your backpack, then try to fold your jacket using a shirt-style, inside-out, or tucked shoulder fold. Whilst if you have limited room in your backpack, try to roll your suit jacket to save some space.

As you’re going to pack your suit in a backpack, so you must smartly fold the suit jacket as it’s a major space-consuming part of a suit.

Depending on the size of your backpack and available space, we are going to discuss some methods to perfectly fold a suit jacket to fit in your backpack.

Method#1: Inside Out Manner

This is the most loved method to fold the suit jacket to perfectly pack it in a backpack. To follow the inside-out method, try to go through these steps with us.

Step#1: Turn the Suit Jacket Inside Out

Firstly, turn around the fabric of your suit jacket in a way that the lining comes on the outside. This step is essential because if your jacket encounters any wrinkles while traveling, possibly they will be on inside when you wear it.

Step#2: Slide the shoulder inside out

It’s a somehow tricky step. You need to put your hand inside the suit jacket and move your fist into the shoulders in a way that the lining of the shoulders comes out.

This is step is beneficial as you don’t have to deal with the clumsy inward-facing shoulder pads.

Step#3: Give it a vertical fold

After giving the inside-out fold to the shoulders, you will find it really easy to give it a vertical fold. To do the trick with this step, you need to grab both shoulders in one hand.

Whilst hold the jacket from the midpoint of its collar. Now it’s time to fold the jacket in half lengthwise. After giving it a fold, straighten the jacket material in a way that the liner still is outside.

Step#4: Fold in Horizontally

For perfect horizontal fold, place your forearm in the middle of the vertically folded jacket and fold the top of the jacket over the horizontally placed arm. Finally, you’ll get a square folded coat that can easily be fit in your backpack.

Pros and Cons of Using this Method

This method can equip you best when you need a flatter fold. If you manage to place it in some spare place in your backpack, then the lining of your jacket will protect it’s outside from any wear or tear.

On the other hand, there are some downsides to this method. Firstly, the single fold can potentially crease. Furthermore, you need proper practice to perfectly follow this method, and you might need more tries to get it right.

Plus, a clean flat surface is required to perfectly perform the folds. Although you can do it while standing and holding the jacket, that’s can be tricky.

Method#2: Shirt Style Fold

Grounded in fact, sometimes the best way to deal with the suit jacket is to quickly fold it in a dress shirt style. This method is quite easy with almost no involvement of the tricky part. Let’s have a look at the steps to get good mileage out of this method.

Step#1: Lay the jacket on a flat surface

The very first step where you need to find a clean, smooth, and flat surface to place your jacket. We recommend you button up the coat before proceeding with the next step.

Step#2: Turn the upside down

Now keep your suit jacket in a way that the back of the jacket is facing you. Try to remove any wrinkles or minor folds if you got.

Step#3: Fold the sleeve on the right

You must fold the sleeve on the right keeping it exactly in the middle of your suit jacket. The visible seam on the back of the jacket must be lined up with the central point of the folded sleeve.

Step#4: Fold the sleeve on the left

Now it’s time to fold the sleeve on the left in a way that the lined sleeve directly lays on the other sleeve you folded before. Here, you will find that your suit jacket has been perfectly folded in a thin vertical rectangle.

Step#5: Fold the jacket half crosswise

Finally, take the bottom edge of the jacket towards the top edge, flip the jacket over. And you will get a fine square folded jacket in your hand within no time which is ready to pack and store in a backpack.

Pros and Cons of Using this Method

The positive side of using this method is that it’s quicker to throw compared to all other folding methods. Moreover, having a flat surface to get the perfect fold isn’t that necessary.

Simply, tuck the jacket collar under your chin and make three quick folds within seconds and you’re done!

Keep in mind that the resulting square fold will be a little thicker in the middle and you might find it uneven.

Another downside is that as you need to give many folds in both horizontal and vertical manners to get a perfect square. So, your jacket can get some creases, specifically where folds cross each other.

If you can place your jacket in some separate compartment like a laptop compartment, then this fold will work for you. But if you got lots of weight pressing down on it, then we recommend you to fold your coat with one of the other methods.

Method#3: The Jacket Roll

This is my personal favorite method to fold the suit jacket in a way it occupies less space in the backpack. To perfectly follow this method, you are required to do some creative tucking and layering, but it’s amazing to roll the whole jacket up to make its soft fabric tube.

Step#1: Turn the shoulders inside out

To perfectly pop the shoulders inside out, you need to grab the jacket from the front of the collar and pull it back on both sides. Then push the shoulders out in a way that the sleeve holes remain outside. You can say that we only need the shoulders to be inside out, not the sleeves.

Step#2: Fold the jacket in half lengthwise

To accomplish the halfway fold, make sure that the shoulders are touching together. Then give it a fold such that the back of the jacket is covered with the fold and the front, the open part should be facing out.

Step#3: Lay it down on the flat surface

Now place the folded jacket on the flat surface while maintaining its half lengthwise fold in place. This means you need to place it on the surface in a way that only half of the jacket should be facing you.

Step#4: Start Rolling

This is the most crucial step of this method. You need to roll the top edge of your coat quite loosely towards the bottom edge.

Remember, try not to apply too much pressure as you are proceeding with the rolling. This is because a tightly rolled jacket will catch more wrinkles than you can expect.

When you’re finished with the process, make sure that the suit jacket is loosely rolled and stable enough for packing or storing.

Pros and Cons of Using this Method

The major advantage of using this method is that if you are properly done with the process a rolled jacket isn’t folded across the fabric. Most of this method revolves around the sleeves and shoulders which can actually flex without any issue.

Furthermore, you can easily tuck a shirt and underwear into the roll, if you have got a spacy backpack. But doesn’t try to cram too much there as your jacket might catch wrinkles in the process.

On the other side, the main disadvantage of rolling the jacket is that it can take up more vertical space in your backpack than a flat folded one. Moreover, you need to perform it perfectly and sometimes it takes a few extra tries to get it right without any wrinkles.

Plus, if you forcefully place the rolled jacket in the backpack, then the interior wrinkles can crease and your ironed jacket might not look the same after opening up the folds.

2- Folding Suit Pant to Pack in a Backpack

Now after successfully folding the suit jacket, you must learn that how to perfectly fold the suit trouser. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to get a flawless folded trousers.

This method is highly recommended and proved excellent to keep your trouser wrinkle-free. Follow the mentioned handy steps to come up with a good vertical fold.

Step#1: Fold the pant along their pleats

The very decent option to fold the pants for traveling is to give them vertical, lengthwise folds. But remember, this strategy suits best the pants coming with pleats. To do the trick, you need to vertically fold the pant along the pleats. In the vertical fold, if your pant got any long, vertical wrinkles they will feel like the result of ironing.

Step#2: Roll the pant

Only vertical folds are not enough, as your backpack won’t get this much space. If you have space concerns, try to roll your trouser. To do so, you need to place the vertically folded pant on the flat surface and start rolling from the bottom. To save it from getting more wrinkles, try to place it in your backpack around some soft stuff.

Step#3: Fold your pant horizontally

As a matter of fact, we don’t recommend you to give horizontal folds to your suit pant as t can put some crease which you can’t explain as the ironing results.

But if you have decided to go with a horizontal fold, give it one vertical fold to minimize wrinkles. Then place it on a flat surface and give it a horizontal fold.

We recommend you place horizontally folded items like a sandwich between the two sides of a folded suit coat.

3. Folding Shirt to Pack in a Backpack

At present, it’s time to fold the shirt to pack in a backpack. Try to go through the below-discussed steps to get good mileage out of it.

Step#1: Button up your shirt

Firstly, you need to close the buttons on your shirt to maintain the perfect balance while giving it a neat fold. The good thing is that you don’t need to close all the buttons, as you just need to keep the front of the shirt closed.

Step#2: Lay it on a flat surface

Now lay down the shirt on a smooth, flat surface. Flip the buttoned side of the shirt to get its back facing you.

Step#2: Make vertical folds

Here, you are required to fold the edges of your shirt inward. To do so, give two vertical folds across the back in a way that the folds are visible on the outside.

Step#3: Fold the Sleeves

Following the vertical folds, take each sleeve and fold it in a manner that lines up with each previously folded part. Make sure the edges of folded sleeves are in line with the new outer edges of the shirt.

At this step, make sure to shorten the shirt’s shoulder to the extent that only 1-2 inches of material is left on both sides of the collar.

Step#4: Give it a horizontal fold

As you’re going to pack the suit in a backpack, so you must give one or more horizontal folds to your shirt to make it compact.

All you need to do is to grab the bottom edge of your vertically folded shirt along with the folded sleeves and take it up to the shoulders.

Now flip the shirt over and check whether you got a nice, even square or not. To check this, make sure that the collar and buttons are exactly in the middle of the folded shirt.

Once you’re satisfied with the neat square, you’re done with the shirt folding. Go and pack it!

After Folding Steps

Now you know all the suitable methods to fold your suit jacket, trouser and shirt. By reading the pros and cons of each method try to get up with one perfect method that can suit your needs. Then after following the steps to fold your jacket perfectly, you must know that what to do next to place it perfectly in the backpack and how to open it when needed.

1- Place the folded suit in a waterproof bag

To protect your suit in the backpack, it’s an excellent idea to place it in a plastic bag or any waterproof cover. This will help to keep it separate from other clothing and protect it from any liquid things in your backpack.

All you need to do is to slide the folded suit into a large plastic bag, seal it carefully. If you can’t find a zipped bag at the time, you can consider using a sheet of any plastic material. Then, place the folded suit in the middle of the grabbed sheet and perfectly fold the sides in and under the jacket.

Tip: If you are using the plastic bag, try to keep some air in the bag with your suit. As a result, the formed protective bubbles will protect your suit from pressing against other materials and hence helps to keep it wrinkle-free.

2- Lay the Wrapped Suit in your Backpack

Try to place the packed suit in a separate compartment inside your backpack like you can consider placing it in the laptop compartment if you got a larger one.

This will help you to minimize wrinkles. Moreover, make sure that no harder items are touching the suit, most importantly, no awkward shaped items like shoes.

3- The unfolding of your suit

When you finally reach destination, you will surely need to unpack your suit. To do so, remove any clothes or other things that are surrounding your suit in the backpack. Then, take off each part of the suit separately from the plastic bag.

Now when you have your folded suit in front of you, try to reverse the folding step by step as carefully as you performed each fold. Hopefully, there will be minimum wrinkles on your suit but if your got some hang the suit immediately.

What if you got some persistent wrinkles? In this case, hand the jacket in the bathroom for a bit longer. When you take the shower, the steam and warmth will loosen the fabric which greatly helps to remove difficult wrinkles.

Wrapping Up

On the moral high ground, packing the items in the backpack which require special care has never been so easy. As all the backpacks are shaped vertically, so keeping safe your ironed suit in it on your business travel isn’t a piece of cake.

You might get a question here, how to pack a suit in a backpack? Well, you need to learn how to perfectly pack the suit jacket, pants, and collared shirt, how to keep them wrinkle-free and safe from any sharp-packed gears. After reading this guide, now you must be able to answer all these questions.

Am I right? Perfectly pack your suit in a backpack and look classy no matter where you go!