Do you consider yourself to be a small female who enjoys hiking? If this is the case, you may be thinking about which backpack is the most appropriate for your requirements.

We have some exciting news to share with you! There is a plethora of “Hiking Backpack for Petite Female” available that will suit your body precisely and provide you with everything you need to have a pleasant hiking experience.

Continue reading to learn about some excellent possibilities and to pick up something new today! If you’ve ever felt lost in a sea of bags with no one who knows where you’re coming from, I’ve been there. When it comes to finding the correct fit, the height problem may be stressful!

As a petite woman, it cannot be easy to find fashionable and comfortable clothing. It is common to feel as though we are not in the minds of the main manufacturers at any one time.

Furthermore, specialty businesses that cater to petite women are not as popular on the high street as they might be.

This is a question I am asked all of the time. Because I’m 5’3″, I’ve had difficulty finding a hiking backpack that is comfortable for me. Even when I go with one of the smaller/female-specific packets, they are always far too large.

Walking about on trails becomes more difficult, which is especially annoying when you’re carrying more weight in your pack than is acceptable for your size!; there are several excellent hiking choices available for petite hikers.

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Top 5 Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

  • N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  • Aveler 50Liters Unisex Lightweight Nylon Internal Frame Hiking Backpack
  • Gregory Mountain Products Women’s Maven 65 Backpacking Backpack
  • Osprey Renn 65 Women’s Backpacking Backpack
  • Osprey Lumina 60 Women’s Ultralight Backpacking Backpack.

1. N NEVO RHINO Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

In addition to providing good back support and breath-ability, the new Nevo Rhino Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is also a robust and reasonably priced solution.

You can store everything you need for your next excursion in its many compartments.

It is recommended that you give this backpack a try if you are seeking something a little larger than 30L. Made of robust, water-resistant, lighter, and incredibly breathable, this 40-liter backpack has a storage capacity of 40L.

It is ergonomically built with bracket constructions that stiffen and reinforce the backpack, dispersing weight and calming your entire body. The bottom zipper has a waterproof cover that may be removed when the zipper is needed.

There are several pockets and storage sections within the backpack, with the bottom of the bag being zipped independently for ease of access and use. The bottle of water and umbrella may be stored in the side pockets.

It is easy to tighten the waist strap, which can bear large loads due to its densely cushioned split dual-suspension waist cushion and bottom hip adjustments, providing an option for a personalized fit.

This cutting-edge pack was created to be adjusted, allowing it to readily contour to your body, no matter what shape or size you are. It is simple to get to the zippers and the pockets that are conveniently located.

Because of its high-tech build, this backpack is an excellent choice for hiking and riding, but it can also be used for various other activities.

Product Specifications
Item Weight2.65 Pounds
ColorBlack, Blue, Green


  • Its high-tech design makes it appropriate for a variety of applications.
  • Large enough to fit all of the items you’ll need while on the road trip.
  • If the backpack is faulty, you have one year to return it.


  • Not Much Durable.

2. Aveler Unisex Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

The Aveler 50L backpack has ample space for a weekend getaway.

Five separate compartments are joined together by several adjustable straps, which also serve as attachment loops.

There are two mesh elastic bottle compartments and two double waist belt pockets on this bag.

An inbuilt rain cover is positioned in the bottom zippered pockets, which will prevent water from sliding into the bag and protect your belongings from damage.

Dual hip belts and adjustable broadened and thicker mesh straps with chest clasp work together to transfer weight to the hip.

In addition to the D-style on each side of the shoulder strap, the ventilated mesh shoulder strap with a rescue whistle and a closure chest clip provides ventilation while also alleviating the weight on the shoulders.

Its pocket can accept a 2 to 4L hydration bladder, albeit this is not included. Water outlets are located to the right of the backpack.

The high-quality nylon used to construct this backpack is robust and can withstand everyday usage, making it one of the most durable women’s packs on the market, even if you enjoy traveling frequently.

Product Specifications
Brand‏ Aveler
Item Weight 1.99 Pounds
Material Water-Resistant Nylon
Color Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Grey, Shallow Flower, Wine Red


  • Protect your possessions with a water-resistant covering and a rain cover.
  • Pockets on the front and sides to keep your items neat.
  • Large storage space to handle all of the essentials needed for extended travels.
  • Straps with many compressions assist you in keeping your items together.


  • Not Much Spacious.

3. Gregory Mountain Products Women’s

Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

Gregory’s backpack is a comfy model in our collection. The frame is sturdy, and the cushioning on the shoulders and hips is comfortable.

We particularly liked how well-equipped this backpack is for being such a small and lightweight pack.

It has many features that are not commonly found in a sub-4-pound pack, including large side compartments, a 2-pocket cover with an attached rain cover, a camping bag pocket, and a broad access zipper that spans almost all the whole length of the pack. The pack weighs less than 4 pounds.

This bag is still considered a lightweight Backpack; thus, it is not recommended to carry big loads of more than 40 pounds daily. Furthermore, as is true of many lightweight goods, certain materials are less durable than others.

While the side pockets are elastic and voluminous, they can catch pebbles and tree branches, causing the mesh to break.

Overall, we found very few drawbacks to this pack, and we believe it is well-suited to a wide range of users and backcountry trips.

Product Specifications
Brand Gregory
Item Weight 3.39 Pounds
Material Nylon
Color Helium Grey, Spectrum Blue


  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Including pockets and access points, this is a complete package.
  • Belts for the torso and hips that are adjustable.


  • Mesh pockets are not long-lasting.

4. Osprey Women’s Backpacking Backpack

Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a full-sized backpack that works admirably for less than $200 these days. But Osprey Renn 65 is a great example of this.
Because the Renn employed a novel approach to design, it was possible to distribute the 65L burden horizontally and create a comfortable pack that allowed us to carry even the heaviest loads comfortably on our hips.

We appreciate Renn’s straightforward design, which has only the most essential features: capacious hip and brain pockets, as well as a rain cover that comes supplied.

We were delighted that, although the Renn is one of the most affordable alternatives we examined, it still comes equipped with the comfy and award-winning Osprey frame.

The Renn 65 is a great pick because of its distinctive, comfy shape and several beneficial added features.

Within the Renn’s spacious main compartment, you can store just about anything you might need, including empty canisters placed horizontally and entire climbing ropes.

Unfortunately, it does not have the wide, elastic back pocket useful for storing layers, food, water filters, and other items.

But it’s a little price to pay for a pack that is light, comfortable, spacious, sturdy, and affordable.

Product Specifications
Brand Osprey Packs
Item Weight 3.44 pounds
Material Polyester, Nylon
Color Aurora Purple, Cylinder Grey, Challenger Blue


  • Comfortable to an extreme degree.
  • The low profile allows for simple movement of the head.
  • Despite being lightweight, this product is quite durable.
  • Suspension made of breathable mesh.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • There are fewer storage pockets.
  • It is not possible to fine-tune the set adjustment points.

5. Osprey Women’s Ultralight Backpack.

Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

Until now, we haven’t come across a women’s-specific backpack that was as lightweight as the Osprey Lumina 60. In terms of light design, this is our favorite.
The ultralight market is seeing an increase in the number of women’s dedicated packs, but the Lumina is the finest we’ve seen so far.

Even by lightweight standards, the weight of this pack is amazing, weighing only 1.8 pounds.

You may assume that a pack of this light would lack support, but the Lumina is equipped with a full-frame and frame system that provides strong support even when packed heavier than Osprey recommends.

Although certain features have been reduced, the Lumina retains three spacious exterior pockets as well as a lid.

The structure of this pack, like those of other packs with trampoline-style suspension, protrudes into the inside area, making loading it a little difficult.

The lightweight fabric used on some of the pack’s components must be handled with care to avoid ripping.

Designed specifically for a specific purpose, it is an advanced model that is best suited for ladies who are well-versed in the requirements of the wilderness and have already stripped down their gear to the bare minimum.

Product Specifications
Brand Name Osprey
Item Weight 1.84 Pounds
Material Nylon
Color Cyan Silver


  • Extremely low in weight.
  • Even when the user exceeds the maximum suggested weight, the product remains comfortable.
  • Exterior pockets are rather large.


  • The apertures on the side pockets are small.
  • Torso with a fixed-length

Buying Guide for Best Hiking Backpack for Petite Female

Aside from the factors mentioned above, additional characteristics might influence the practicality and usefulness for you.

  • Compartments for storage.

Consider also the storage compartment characteristics. Long-distance travelers should seek packs that include a sleeping bag compartment and space for water bottles and travel supplies.

Some backpacks allow you to add more compartments, which is wonderful since you can carry one or two bags at any time.

  • Weight.

Weight is significant because you will be lugging this backpack on your back for lengthy durations. Consider backpacks weighing around three and five lbs.

Also, remember that filling the pack with stuff makes it heavier. A backpack that is less than a fourth of your weight is ideal.

Don’t assess the pack’s weight while it’s empty; load it with your stuff and see how it feels. This will give you a good idea of how it will feel on your back when you travel.

  • Volume.

Choose a backpack with enough space to carry your belongings on short or long excursions. A 40L backpack is generally portable, can hold all of your belongings, and doubles as a carry-on bag.

A 40L backpack is perfect for day treks, so if you want something for longer journeys, choose a 60L bag.

  • Price.

This is likely the most critical factor to consider. Quality backpacks aren’t cheap, especially when building one requires time and resources.

Cheaper backpacks tend to be smaller, have fewer pockets, and have fewer adjustability and suspension options.


What makes a backpack comfy?

Comfortable backpacks all have one commonality: they fit nicely. Shoulder belts that are the right width apart are essential, as is a hip belt with cushioning for heavyweights.

What is an average female backpack size?

Petite ladies should carry no more than a 60-liter rucksack. Most women’s backpacks are up to 70 liters but lack short torso modifications.

Are women’s backpacks distinctive?

The biggest distinction between women’s travel backpacks is the shorter back length.


Our best recommendation is to get a backpack that will be comfortable for your body type. Consider trying on smaller-sized backpacks first, and if those don’t work for you, gradually increase the size of your bag until you discover one that works.

Remember to take into consideration how hefty the pack will be before purchasing it! We hope that our information has assisted you in determining which hiking backpack is the best fit for your needs.

Good Luck!