You should have a good Climbing Backpack no matter what you do, whether hanging from a 600-meter rock, climbing with your mates, or tackling some ‘stylish’ off-width lines. A good backpack that wouldn’t get in the direction of your crazy Warrior moves.

A quick meal at the tether anchor, putting on your raincoat when the climate turns bad, or grabbing for your flashlight should all be quick and simple.

Even more importantly, the comfort and convenience of your Climbing Backpack might be the difference between giving and whipping your most preferred routes.

Because makers are aware of our difficulties on the rock, they work hard to design climbing backpacks that are robust, lightweight, and well-organized, among other things.

As you might expect, climbing backpacks differ based on the sort of climbing you are doing: trad, multi-pitch, varied routes, snow, ice, and so on.

As a result, don’t expect to discover a single backpack that will perform well in all climbing methods. On the contrary, in this article, we will look at climbing backpacks that are particularly well suited to one or more of these climbing methods.

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Our top 5 Picks for Best Climbing Backpack

  • PETZL – 18 Liter Climbing Backpack
  • Arc’teryx FL 30 Backpack
  • Deuter Gravity Motion Backpack
  • Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 Backpack
  • Osprey Mutant 38 Mountaineering Pack

1. PETZL – 18 Liter Climbing Backpack

Climbing Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: PETZL
  • Item Weight: 1.16 pounds
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Color: Grey/ Red-orange

This 18-liter Petzl Bug should be at the top of your list of prospective purchases if you want to travel light and quickly. In the same way that all Petzl products are extremely well crafted, this pack is a miracle of functionality.

The Bug’s small size and capacity may turn off some potential buyers, but several external features, including a large exterior pocket, a pair of compression straps that can be used as gear loops, and a MOLLE-style heather chain on the backside of the pack, more than makeup for the lack of internal space.

One of our favorite features of the Bug is its super-snug, compact profile. Unlike larger packs, this one is less likely to catch on rocks or otherwise obstruct your mobility in any manner, thanks to its reinforced bottom and side panels.

Product Features

  • Climbing backpack with 18 liters of capacity for single-day multi-pitch climbing.
  • The ergonomic design allows for optimal movement when climbing or in everyday life.
  • High-tensile fabric is used to line the bottom and sides of the Climbing Backpack.
  • A large outside pocket and an inside compartment for a hydration system are included.
  • A sternum strap that may be adjusted helps keep the pack steady when climbing.
Product Specifications
Item Weight1.16 pounds
ColorGrey/ Red-orange


  • It sits right on the back
  • Ideal for routine usage.
  • Comfy.
  • Compact


  • Not as durable or lightweight as other follower backpacks

2. Arc’teryx FL 30 Backpack

Climbing Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Arc’teryx
  • Color: Carbon Copy
  • Suggested Users: Men
  • Item Weight: 635 Grams

The Arc’teryx Alpha is the backpack you want by your shoulder when climbing mountain routes on rock, ice, and snow.

The Alpha FL is equipped with a waterproof reinforced Nylon fabric and taped seams to ensure that it is always prepared to face the severe alpine environment.

It does, however, have a few drawbacks to consider. After loading the pack, the fit can be rather bad, and the Alpha will not be perfect for those who have a smaller or larger back size than the average person.

Because of the little hip belt that provides insufficient support, the carrying convenience is also not the greatest available.

When the Climbing Backpack is filled, the external pocket can quickly become squished, making it difficult to reach the items stored in the exterior pocket on the outside of the pack.

On the other hand, the primary entrance is nearly flawless and may be reached with or without gloves. Furthermore, because it has a top strap, it may also carry rope. 

Another unique feature of the Alpha FL is an additional pocket, loops, and nylon for connecting ice tools or other heavy gears to the outside.

Product Features

  • Fast, light, and alpine-tough
  • Products for minimalist climbing and alpinism that protect alpine surroundings.
  • Extremely water-resistant and lightweight.
  • Climbing equipment developed for fast mobility and protection in alpine situations.
Product Specifications
Item Weight 635 Grams
ColorCarbon Copy


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic
  • Waterproof


  • Its not much comfortable and adjustable.

3. Deuter Gravity Motion Backpack

Climbing Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Deuter
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Product Weight: 1 lb.
  • Color: Navy, Khaki

Deuter is no newcomer to pack design. Its Gravity Motion is specifically designed to fulfill the demands of most modern-day professional and gym climbers and mountaineers of all levels.

Whether you climb inside or outdoors or alternate between the two, this multi-purpose backpack/duffel looks and performs well in every location. A full-length zipper runs down the middle of the back panel, providing easy access to the main compartment.

There’s also an inside valuables compartment and two full-length zippered pockets for additional storage. Finally, detachable straps link to the pack’s external daisy chains to hold bulkier things such as a lightweight, comfy recliner or a yoga mat in place while traveling.

Although we adore the Gravity Motion for daily travels to the gym and weekends spent bouldering at the local crag, its design is rather limiting in other areas.

The most obvious difference is that you only receive an adjustable sternum strap, not a hip belt, which isn’t ideal for hauling large items or tackling lengthy approaches.

The simple Gravity Motion, which costs only $100, is a far better choice for light loads or indoor-only trips, and it can even function as a weekend travel companion.

Product Features

  • Mountain-Inspired Design and Functionality
  • Long side pockets provide additional storage space.
  • Internal gear loops for storing items safely.
  • A sternum strap provides additional support.
  • Compression straps on the outside.
  • Access to the contents is made simple by a central zip on the back.
Product Specifications
Item Weight1 lb
ColorNavy, Khaki


  • The excellent organization in both the gym and the crag.


  • No hip belt, and too small for most ropes or trad racks.

4. Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 Backpack

Climbing Backpack

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Black Diamond
  • Item Weight: 15.87 Ounces
  • Department: Unisex
  • Color: Alloy, black, red oxide

It is a decent little climbing pack at a reasonable price, and the Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 is one of them. We appreciate its straightforward design, and it has practically all of the functions we want without any unnecessary extras.

Because of the simple design, heavier materials may be used without incurring a weight penalty. As a result, the durability of these heavier materials is increased.

Our only disappointments were the lack of a sternum strap clip that serves as an evacuation whistle (a characteristic seen on some other BD packs) and the absence of any external connection points (apart from the rope strap on the top of the Climbing Backpack).

The top drawcord and cord lock are similarly black, making them difficult to distinguish from the black cloth that makes up the rest of the pack.

Nonetheless, we believe that this pack represents a fantastic deal for rock climbers who want to get over half a rope length off the floor while still having some cash in their pocket.

Product Features

  • The main entrance is designed in a blitz for the convenience of entry when on the go.
  • Quick access to your guidebook, phone, and the camera is provided via an external side zip pocket.
  • Pack silhouette that is simplified to allow for quick movement on multi-pitch missions.
  • The top strap can also be used as a rope carry.
  • Routing of the external water hoses.
Product Specifications
ManufacturerBlack Diamond
Item Weight15.87 Ounces
ColorAlloy, black, red oxide


  • Simple
  • Sturdy
  • Light


  • No whistle
  • No external attachment points.

5. Osprey Mutant 38 Mountaineering Pack

Climbing Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Osprey Packs
  • Item Weight: 2.81 Pounds
  • Color: Blue Fire
  • Suggested Users: Men

We never imagined seeing an Osprey (a favorite of trekkers and hikers) at the top of a climbing post, but we were proven wrong.

A climbing pack designed specifically for alpine climbing, the Mutant from Mountain Hardwear combines class-leading luxury with a slew of technical features and a highly configurable design.

When loaded with up to 50 pounds, the Mutant performs better than other sleek alpine packs because of its cushioned hip belt and comfortable shoulder straps.

And when you’re ready to climb, it can be quickly and disassembled to transform into a fast and light climbing machine.

The Mutant is among the most adaptable packs in this collection, and it’s so comfy and robust that we’d even suggest it for use at the climbing wall.

It also includes all of the features we seek in an alpine-specific pack, such as ice tool attachments, detachable components, ski-carry hooks, and zipper pulls that are easy to operate with gloves on your hands.

Though the Mutant’s hip belt is not removable (it wraps all-around the pack to avoid getting caught in a harness), we want to be able to customize our outfits when it is possible.

Product Features

  • Snowshed fabric back panel and removable top lid with integrated FlapJacket for lidless usage.
  • Helmet connection by rope and placement on the top or front of the pack.
  • Dual hip belt gear loops and improved A-frame ski carrying capability.
Product Specifications
ManufacturerOsprey Packs
Item Weight 2.81 Pounds
ColorBlue Fire


  • Affordable.
  • The full set of features is available.
  • Extremely comfy.
  • Top-loading design in the manner of a bucket.
  • Compression straps that are easily removed.
  • It is quite adaptable.


  • The hip belt is not detachable, and the pack is heavier than typical alpine packs.
  • Because of the top-loading construction, it is not recommended for crag usage.

Buying Guide: How to Select the best Climbing Backpack

It is doubtful that you will use the same backpack for your rapid free climbing accents when you want to strip the Climbing Backpack down to a day’s worth of supplies and your high alpine peak ascents.

As a result, we have separated climbing backpacks into three main categories based on the style of climbing, the time of the climb, and the area of the climb: alpine packs, crag packs, and multi-pitch.

1- Alpine packs: 

Carrying the capacity of crag packs while climbing the climbing capacity of multi-pitch packs are the hallmarks of Alpine Climbing Packs.

Alpine packs, which are often in the 25-40 liter range, should be capable of carrying a lot of stuff while still being comfortable going across challenging terrain.

2- Crag Packs: 

Crag Packs are big backpacks that are particularly built for transporting equipment to and from cliffs. These packs, often in the 35-50 liter range, strongly emphasize carrying comfort and accessibility.

3- Multi-Pitch Packs: 

Multipitch Climbing Packs are used on multi-pitch climbs and include various features. Instead of securing all of your climbing equipment to your climbing harness, a tiny pack can store layers, water, food, and topos, saving you time and money. Multipitch packs are available in sizes ranging from 15 to 30 liters.

4- Weight

Pack weight varies with size and materials. The heavier the pack, the greater the capacity and the fabric. If you misuse your gear, select a heat-resistant fabric.

5- Capacity

Capacity is the main element separating packets. Unlike everywhere, America utilizes liters for pack capacity. Pack capacity is just how much stuff you can fit. A small multi-pitch requires different gear than a lengthy alpine climb.

6- Comfort

The very last thing you need is a backpack that makes reaching your goods even more difficult. It is designed to be worn high on the back. A too high load will likely try to remove your helmet every time your check-up. You should either try the backpack before buying it or ensure it can be exchanged if purchased online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a climbing pack

Most climbers can put a couple of liters of water, approach shoes, food, and a layer or two in these packs. 

How large is my Climbing Backpack?

It is recommended that you carry 35 to 50 liters of water for activities that last less than one day.

What is a climbing pack?

Some of the items these packs may hold are skis and possibly crampons.


When it comes to choosing a “perfect” pack for your excursions on the island, it all depends on what you want to do.

On the other hand, we’re confident that you’ll be able to rely on any of the models mentioned above for years to come!

Good Luck!