The backpack is an excellent choice for any student who wants to transport books and other items around campus.

With an adjustable and detachable padded harness that can be worn over your shoulders or the front of your body, it’s simple to pose for shots without seeming to be wearing anything big!

Even though a lot is happening around us simultaneously, the clamshell shape keeps everything safe and secure so that nothing falls out when we walk somewhere new (like during lunchtime).

Furthermore, these packs include pockets designed to carry various sorts of gear, such as pads, organizers, and other such items.

In the market for a new backpack, you may be thinking about whether a clamshell backpack is the best option for you. If you are, read on to find out more.

The popularity of clamshell backpacks has increased in recent years. For a good reason – they provide several advantages over other sorts of backpacks that other types of backpacks do not.

When deciding whether to get a clamshell backpack, consider whether you’ll be going to school or working. So, whether you’re going to school or working, be sure to check out our top selections for the best clamshell backpacks!

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Our top picks for the Best Clamshell backpack

  • Duo 20 Liter
  • Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack
  • Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack
  • Rangeland Travel Backpack
  • Extreme Pak 22-Inch Carry-On Bag
  • KOPACK Travel Backpack
  • Mark Ryden Carry on Travel Backpack

1. Duo 20 Liter

clamshell backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: WANDRD
  • Item Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Color: Black

Designed for travel, photography, and vacation, the WANDRD Duo is an ultra-minimalist clamshell backpack ideal for organizing your daily essentials and keeping your belongings safe and secure.

It is constructed of water-resistant ballistic nylon and water-resistant zippers to withstand the rigors of everyday life while on the go.

What distinguishes the Duo from those other clamshell backpacks is its unique “infinite zip” design, which allows you access from both sides of the pack while also allowing you to protrude the entire backpack flat so that you can easily reach the compartments that line the interior.

Because of its side-access feature, as well as a specially designed incorporated pop-up camera cube, the WANDRD Duo may be utilized as a full-fledged backpack when necessary.

Product Features

  • Access to the side camera is simple.
  • Laptop and tablet sleeve with padding.
  • Zip access system with an infinite number of users.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer WANDRD
Item Weight 3.4 pounds
Department Unisex-adult
Color Black


  • The backpack has a capacity of 20L.
  • Laptop and tablet sleeve with padding.
  • The backpack has a special “pop up” camera cube to take pictures.


  • Zipp’s quality is not up to the mark.

2. Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cotopaxi
  • Department: Unisex
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.

If you wish to travel in the most fashionable manner possible in the future, then have a look at the Cotopaxi Allpa 35. Despite its small size, this strong, compact bag is built to withstand the most rigorous use, and the interior has been precisely arranged to make packing a breeze.

TPU coated 1000 Denier Polyester is nothing to scoff at, and it surely isn’t cheap. It can withstand drops, drops, and pulls with ease, and when the clouds roll in, there’s a hood to keep the rain out of your eyes. However, while all this protection increases the total weight, you are left with a virtually bombproof bag.

In addition, the overall arrangement is excellent. You will discover a main zippable mesh compartment for your bigger goods (clothing), as well as multiple smaller zipped mesh pockets on the other side for all of your extra gear after you have entered the suitcase-style zippered bag.

(All exterior zippers are equipped with security mesh to deter anyone from opening your bag and removing any valuables from it.)

If you’re in a hurry or don’t enjoy zippering your clothes all the time, this might be an obstacle to your progress.

However, the clever organizing outshines this handicap since there seems to be a bespoke location for just about every piece of gear, even your laptop.

After all, is said and done, this is a very fashionable pack that can withstand both city and outdoor travel without losing its cool.

Product Features

  • On the right side, there is a large zipped mesh compartment.
  • The main compartment is accessible via a shortcut zipper.
  • A zipped pocket on the outside of the bag.
  • YKK zippers for added security.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Cotopaxi
Item Weight 3.5 lbs
Department Unisex
Color Black


  • for further durability.
  • All apertures are secured with theft-proof webbing.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • Everything virtually packs itself since it is so well arranged.


  • It’s rather heavy given its size.
  • The hip belt appears to have been added as an afterthought and is onl

3. Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Osprey Packs
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Item Weight: 3.09 Pounds
  • Color: Mist grey, Rainforest Green, Black

Take a look at the characteristics listed above for the Osprey Farpoint and imagine them in a backpack specifically built for women.

This versatile, all-in-one bag performs admirably on the trail while serving as a perfectly acceptable solution for city travel.

The bag is genuinely jam-packed with convenient, intuitive, and practical features, which easily elevates it to the top of my list of the best women’s backpacks for travel carry-on purposes. It’s also one of the best hiking backpacks on the market.

The Osprey’s wonderfully comfortable netting shoulder and waist belt make toting this backpack over concrete or dusty trails a breeze, and the waist belt even has its stash pocket in case you need to hide anything small.

The bag’s material is also built to last, with ripstop nylon that should withstand anything from airport jostling to wild escapades while still looking nice enough for your occasional city excursions.

Product Features

  • A secure U-zip duffel-style closure provides access to the main compartment.
  • Most airlines have carry-on size requirements, and this item complies.
  • Access to the cushioned laptop and tablet sleeve is provided via a lockable zipper.
  • A zipped back flap protects the shoulder straps and hip belt.
  • Two mesh water bottle pockets on the front.
  • Scratch-free pocket for sunglasses or other small electronic items.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Osprey Packs
Item Weight 3.09 Pounds
Department Unisex-adult
Color Mist grey, Rainforest Green, Black


  • Osprey offers a lifetime warranty on its products.
  • Design that is simple and functional for city travel.


  • Compared to other backpack travel bags, this one has fewer inside compartments for organizing.

4. Rangeland Travel Backpack

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Rangeland
  • Item Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Department: Unisex
  • Color: Multi-Color options

Made of 100 percent Polyester, this Rangeland Backpack is robust and lightweight. It is heat-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, and dust-resistant, making it an excellent baggage backpack.

Constructed with cushioned adjustable shoulder straps that have excellent permeability to reduce the amount of sweat produced and allow you to handle your clamshell bag for long periods without feeling fatigued

With the help of its back trolley straps, you can connect it to your baggage when traveling, and it has four compression straps that keep your daypack sleek and stylish.

The main section of this bag has several pockets, including one with velcro closure, two open pockets, two slip pockets, and more.

Apart from that, the main compartment is equipped with X-shaped garment restraints and a zipped cushioned section that may accommodate a laptop computer.

Product Features

  • There are several outside compression buckle straps.
  • There are several slip pockets on the inside.
  • Straps for the back trolley.
  • Garment constraints in the shape of an X.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Rangeland
Item Weight 1.3 pounds
Department Unisex
Color Multi-Color options


  • The handle is easy to grip.
  • Packs down small enough to fit in a bigger bag or luggage.
  • It’s light and easy to use.
  • Straps on the sides can be used for compression if necessary.


  • Material and zippers appear to be of OK quality.

5. Extreme Pak 22-Inch Carry-On Bag

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Extreme Pak
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Color: Dark Black

A 22-inch clamshell carry-on suitcase from Extreme Pak is a versatile travel bag with practical functionality and elegant design that allows you to keep your items conveniently while traveling the world or pursuing your educational aspirations.

In addition to having two luggage handles for effortless lifting, this one-of-a-kind travel backpack also unzips from the front, exactly like a traditional suitcase.

A tightly woven 1,200 Denier 100 percent polyester dark water-resistant material, curved detachable shoulder straps, and a waist strap for improved back support are all featured in this spacious bag.

This lightweight carryall piece of budget luggage, designed in the extended rucksack-type shape popular among campers and hikers, weighs just 2.2 pounds and allows you to take on any of life’s difficulties head-on with confidence.

Product Features

  • There are two baggage handlers.
  • Denier 1,200 Denier The fabric is made entirely of polyester.
  • Shoulder straps that are contoured and adjustable.
  • A backpack in the manner of a rucksack that is elongated.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Extreme Pak
Item Weight 2.2 pounds
Department Unisex -adult
Color Dark Black


  • It is extremely well-constructed sturdy, and the zippers are large.
  • Because it is carefully thought out, it is surprisingly small for its size.
  • The belt strap is designed to fit the shoulder straps under it.
  • Moreover, the shoulder straps are of high quality.


  • The material used for the inside dividers has a cheap and fragile feel.

6. KOPACK Travel Backpack

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Kopack
  • Item Weight: ‎2.2 pounds
  • Color: ‎Grey Black
  • Department: Unisex-adult

Kopack Travel Clamshell Backpack is constructed of high-density Oxford fabric, PU coated Oxford fabric that is water-resistant and anti-scratch and has a silky interior lining.

With ergonomic S-shape design cushioned shoulder straps and a completely 3D ventilation padded back, made of high stretchable and breathable foam and fabric, this backpack efficiently protects your back and shoulders even when you’re carrying a lot of weight.

Handle made of durable and soft material with double stitching, which is pleasant and simple to hold by hand.

Designed to hold a sunglass box and other accessories, the top pocket is ideal for keeping goods that you regularly use while maintaining the bag’s form.

The back is concealed. An anti-thief compartment completely concealed behind an integrated foam cushioned back panel provides security for precious belongings.

Product Features

  • 3D vented cushioned back for comfort.
  • There is a built-in USB port.
  • Laptop compartment with padding.
  • Top pocket with easy access.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer Kopack
Item Weight 2.2 pounds
Department Unisex -adult
Color Grey Black


  • The accordion lining of the side zipper pouch is a nice touch.
  • There are several compartments.
  • It’s comfortable to wear and transport.
  • The material has a pleasant feel to it.


  • For pens, there isn’t much in the way of organization.

7. Mark Ryden Carry on Travel Backpack

Clamshell Backpack

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: MARK RYDEN
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Item Weight: 2.56 pounds
  • Color: Black

The Mark Ryden Clamshell Bag is not only a travel backpack that meets the maximum size permitted on an IATA aircraft, but it is also an excellent choice for a weekender excursion that includes travel by plane, train, and bus, as well as other modes of transportation.

The cushioned straps do an excellent job of reducing bulk. Keep your belongings organized with various layers, durable meshes, and specific storage spaces. This bag is also adequate to be used as a work and gym backpack.

After stretching, a spacious main compartment large enough to accommodate three to four days’ worth of clothing may be accommodated. Laptop and tablet sleeves made of velvet can protect electrical devices, including a 17.3-inch laptop.

Several internal slip compartments and one netting pocket for travel need to complement the front pockets’ storage capabilities. When charging your electronic gadget using a USB charging port, you may free up your hand and do other things simultaneously.

Product Features

  • There is a USB port.
  • A multi-panel airflow design has been implemented.
  • Waist straps that can be adjusted.
  • A luggage strap is included.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer MARK RYDEN
Item Weight 2.56 pounds
Department Unisex -adult
Color Black


  • The bag features a simple, modern style with clear lines.
  • There are a lot of pockets.
  • Expandable.
  • The ability to withstand water.


  • Occasionally, the zippers become entangled.

How to buy a Clamshell backpack: A brief Buying Guide

Finding the best travel bag for you requires considering which qualities are the most essential to you and your trip companions. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

1- Size

More and more airlines are beginning to charge customers for checked luggage, encouraging travelers to bring their bags.

In reality, you’ll have to wait for your luggage to arrive on the carousel to prevent the possibility that the airline will misplace all of your belongings.

The drawback is that you will be severely confined in spatial availability. You’ll get a maximum of 40 liters, which is plenty for a few changes of clothing and a small number of electronic devices.

2- Material

A premium backpack is distinguished by durable materials like ripstop nylon, canvas, or high-end synthetic materials. Ensure that it is made of water-resistant and quick-drying materials in inevitable rain slogs and mud puddles.

Aluminum frames are a good choice because of their lightweight and strong qualities. Because they are the first components to give way, double or triple stitching should be found along the strap seams.

3- Comfort

Aside from the shoulders, adjustable straps for the hips and chest would make a significant difference in your overall level of comfort. Check to check that they are sufficiently lined, then try on the set to see whether it fits the body.

A breathable mesh behind the back works well in hot circumstances, but it may also decrease perspiration buildup in certain situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a clamshell bag?

The result is that they form a sort of “bucket” inside the main pocket, forcing you to stack items vertically on top of one another.

Are clamshell backpacks a worthwhile investment?

The Clam Shell backpack is a high-quality backpack meant to be lightweight, comfy, and adaptable.

Is it preferable to roll or fold your clothes while packing a suitcase?

Clothes consisting of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool should always be folded as a rule of thumb.


The greatest clamshell backpack is the one that meets your specific requirements. If you can locate what you’re searching for and personalize it to suit your lifestyle, it doesn’t matter whether it’s from a high-end brand or not. Consider all of these characteristics before making any selections about which bag will be the best fit for you.

Good Luck!