Though backpacks are the most common carry solution, they aren’t ideal for every situation for all people.

Many times, you need to carry only smaller gear with greater security and easy to access options to make your trip more relaxing and innovative, there you must have a smaller bag to do the trick.

The best option to accomplish everyday carry needs is the sling bag which you can wear diagonally across your back to evenly distribute the weight.

Stunningly, sling bags are hybrid of backpack and shoulder bags to make them a perfect house for your essentials on any long or short trip.

As the best EDC sling bags are now widely replacing other kinds of bags and they are trending due to their unique wearing style. In actuality, they are excellent to keep your items organized, secured, and well-balanced on the go.

Stunningly, hundreds of such bags are on the market, so you have lots of options to choose from.

But which “Best EDC Sling Bag” will suit you the best? There is no easy answer to this question, you need complete knowledge and research on each model to come across one best-suited option, which isn’t that easy.

To assist you in making a choice, our team thoroughly tested dozens of the best EDC sling bags and narrowed down our list to the top eight EDC sling bags with different options for almost all.

Let’s read and grab one excellent right now!

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What is an EDC Sling Bag?

In the bag industry, EDC is an acronym for “Every Day Carry” which means they are the best suitors for daily needs. And when it comes to sling bags, they are quite hard to define.

You can simply say that the bags which are designed to be comfortably worn across the back or chest and secured to the body with cross-shoulder style straps, come under the category of sling bags.

Overall, you can say that the EDC sling bag is specifically designed in a smaller size to hold your essential gears which you might need for any short-term adventure.

So, if you’re planning a short-day trip or need a small bag for your workplace, we advise you to go for the best EDC Sling bag!

Top Eight EDC Sling Bags Reviews

As we promised to provide you with the best EDC sling bag, so we tried to describe the main features along with the downsides of each listed model to let you better know what you’re going to get for your next adventure.

Let’s have a look!

1- Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling Bag

To get your act together, the Osprey Daylite Shoulder sling bag is carved durable with top-notch material.

Best EDC Sling Bag
Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling

The exterior of this bag is made up of Nylon Diamond Ripstop which is famous for its strong and lightweight nature that can stop rips on the tracks.

The thing which we liked the most is the comfortable padding on the shoulder strap and back panel which ensures convenient carry.

The sleekness of this EDS sling bag is maintained by providing the elastic strap keeper which saves you from an unruly dangling strap.

When it comes to capacity, the Osprey Daylite Shoulder sling bag can hold up to 6 Liters which is ample to equip you for smaller hikes and day trips.

The good thing about this model is that its main compartment has two mesh pockets, a sleeve, and a key leash to hold your all stuff with better organization. And the front mesh compartment is there to stash items you want to grab quickly.

Stunningly, there’s also a small mesh pocket on the strap which is useful to hold any smaller item like chapstick or small snacks. Moreover, a loop is provided to attach your bulkier gears like a water bottle that you can’t fit inside.

Final Thoughts

Grounded in fact, the Osprey Daylite Shoulder sling bag is extremely lightweight, compact, and comes with multiple pockets and compartments to keep your stuff well organized. We loved its comfortable carry feature and ability to adjust it in any position.

Product Specification
Capacity6 Liters
Weight8 Ounces
Dimension14.5 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Padded strap and back panel.
  • Attractive storage space.
  • Compact, lightweight, and durable.
  • Can only be worn on the right shoulder.

2- Bellroy Mini Sling Bag

Keeping alive the brand’s traditions, Bellroy Mini Sling Bag is also carved using the Bellroy venture weave which is famous for its superior weather resistance and high abrasion resistance rating.

Best EDC Sling Bag
Bellroy Mini Sling Bag

Moreover, Bellroy’s signature leather is used in making the zipper pulls and front-facing logo which adds a nice luxury touch. The contrasting feel of this bag has the heart of users.

The thing which we liked the most is the available narrow strap which looks both sleek and stylish. You can adjust the strap to fit in your body position.

And the fidlock snap buckle allows easier bag removal. Stunningly, I used it to wrap around the chair’s arm to use as an anti-theft deterrence.

Ahead of the curve, Bellroy Mini Sling Bag comes with one internally and two externally accessible pockets.

Attractively, you can access the main compartment through the side of the bag which rests against your chest or back.

Stunningly, you can wear this EDC sling bag on either side as the strap isn’t technically ambidextrous. Moreover, the fidlock buckle can be adjusted on the shoulder depending on your wearing style.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Bellroy Mini Sling Bag comes with excellent capacity to hold all your stuff which you need to carry for any short-day trip.

We comfortably put the DSLR in the main compartment and other smaller gears in the from compartment to do the trick. You can expect the style, space, durability, and affordability of this sling bag.

Product Specification
MaterialBellroy Venture Weave
Capacity4 Liters
Weight9.2 Ounces
Dimension11.02 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches
  • Durable and Luxurious.
  • Comfortable strap and fidlock buckle.
  • Unique compassion and expansion system.
  • The strap is too narrow.

3- HAZARD 4 Bandoleer EDC

If you’re in search of a compact and versatile sling bag for everyday carry and also want to keep your fragile gears safe, then the Hazard 4 Bandoleer sling bag must be your top priority.

Best EDC Sling Bag
HAZARD 4 Bandoleer EDC

Stunningly, its tactical design offers high-end modularity and the overbuilt design is a perfect match for any daily excursions. No matter you are taking it outdoors or just around the corner, you’ll be happy with your choice.

Ahead of the curve, the most amazing feature of Hazard 4 Bandoleer is its molded hardshell construction to provide you with the best of both worlds.

In actuality, this construction turns the durable and weather-resistant fabric into something which you can deal with the scraps of daily usage.

Moving on, the provided 2 liters capacity is enough to hold your essential tech and carry gear without weighing you much on the go.

Moreover, it’s streamlined in a way to avoids flapping around even in the heavy wind on a ride. Plus, you can switch the main strap between the right and left sides to ensure versatile operation.

The good thing is that there’s an internal organization space to hold the smaller item like keys, stationery, and a small flashlight.

And a dedicated space is compatible with loop and hook holsters to accomplish defensive needs. Interestingly, the exterior of this bag is extendible with hardware accessories.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Hazard 4 Bandoleer is spacious and secure enough to hold your cameras and small tablets with greater peace of mind for your daily business.

The extensible exterior of this bag is handy enough to equip users in an hour of need. With the switchable strap, you can carry it in your style!

Product Specification
Material1000D CORDURA nylon
Capacity2 Liters
Weight1.5 Pounds
Dimension15.4 x 6.3 x 3.9 inches
  • Zippered meshed pockets.
  • Water-resistant coating.
  • Extremely durable and stylish.
  • A bit pricier.

4- Helikon-Tex Possum Waist Pack

Like many other civilian waist packs, Helikon-Tex Possum also comes with a slightly curved shape. As far as the construction is concerned, this EDC sling bag is carved using nylon which is durable enough to keep your gear safe on any short travel.

Best EDC Sling Bag
Helikon-Tex Possum Waist Pack

On the other hand, Helikon-Tex Possum incorporates a ser of inverted zippers with paracord handles to ensure smooth opening and closing of compartments.

Moreover, the soft Velcro panel on the front is excellent to attach any kind of morale patches. Just behind this, you’ll find a flat, spacious zippered closed pocket to hold your smaller items.

Unlike similar models, Helikon-Tex Possum comes with a pocket at the back which is quite smaller than the front pocket. Well, you can use it to carry flat objects and those which you don’t want to access very often.

On the inside of this EDC sling waist pack, an organizer is comprising of a large compartment, two smaller ones, and five rubber cells to provide you with the best of both worlds.

You can expect to keep organized the large of handy equipment. Plus, a paracord loop is also there to secure your keys or other hangable gear.

Above all, the webbing strap is extremely durable and you can also adjust it with the help of a plastic regulator to switch on hassle-free carry.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Helikon-Tex Possum Waist Pack comes with nicely finished edges with no protruding thread to keep alive the decent look on a longer usage.

The convenient carry strap is excellent to ensure smooth and effortless lifting. Furthermore, the multiple pockets and compartments can help you to stay organized.

Product Specification
MaterialCordura Fabric
Capacity1.5 Liters
Weight5.29 Ounces
Dimension8.66 x 5.12 x 2.76 inches
  • Both right- and left-hand carry.
  • Zippered organizers and mesh pockets.
  • Removable belt strap.
  • Only restricted to waist wearing.

5- OZUKO Sling Backpack

To equip you with the best experience, OZUKO EDC Sling Backpack is carved using industrial-grade oxford fabric which is famous for its wear-resistant and waterproof nature.

Best EDC Sling Bag
OZUKO Sling Backpack

And the polyester lining adds some flare to the existing design. Innovatively, its surface is printed with a reflective design and marked safe for night carry.  

The thing which we liked the most is its cushioned back which is excellent to relieve the stress on your back. Plus, the zipper closure is handy to give you extra peace of mind on your go.  

It’s actually designed to enable the effortless carrying of heavy loads to meet your daily needs.  

To make it a completely anti-theft model, the main compartment has a lockable zipper design which is excellent to keep locked your valuables.

Plus, a protected anti-theft pocket is also there on the back of this sling bag which is superb to protect your precious items from thieves.

We loved this EDC sling bag due to its multi-storage area having a spacious main compartment, inner patch pocket, zipper pocket, side pocket, back zipped pocket, and shoulder-strap card pocket makes it spacious and secure enough to hold your all items.

Unlike similarly priced models, OZUKO EDC Sling Backpack can be used as a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, chest bag, travel bag, and business bag to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts

On the clear ground, OZUKO EDC Sling Backpack is specifically designed for people who are in search of a spacious everyday carry bag.

Moreover, if you specifically wish to carry your laptop to your adventure place, this bag is excellent to securely transport it. And the provided multiple pockets help to stay organized.

Product Specification
MaterialOxford Fabric
Capacity6 Liters
Weight1.1 Pounds
Dimension6.7 x 3.2 x 13.3 inches
  • Anti-theft technology.
  • Allows perfect organization.
  • Spacious and durable.
  • The zipper isn’t so sturdy.

6- HEIMPLANET Transit Line Sling Pocket

The first attractive thing about this EDC Sling Bag is its Castlerock color which is a blend of lighter and darker gray to form a unique color pattern.

Best EDC Sling Bag
HEIMPLANET Original | Transit Line Sling Pocket 

The main fabrics on this sling bag are Nylon and Polypropylene combined to create an interesting feel.

Moreover, the back of this bag is slightly padded which ensures a comfy feel, no matter you’re wearing it on the back or front of your body. As the whole fabric along with the zippers is waterproof, so you can expect to carry it anywhere.

Stunningly, there are some reverse coil weather-resistant zippers on both outside the sling and inside the small pocket.

The good thing about these zippers is their weather-resistant nature and they look cleaner than an average zipper. And we loved the paracord zipper pulls.

As far as the organization is concerned, the internal compartment has multiple pockets to keep your things sorted.

When it comes to the exterior compartment, there are two small lash tabs on the side which is handy to attach a carabiner. And the scratch-free front pocket is excellent to safely store your phone or glasses.

The main feature which attracted our attention is the horseshoe-style opening of the main compartment to give you plenty of space for your things.

Final Thoughts

On the final note, HEIMPLANET Transit Line Sling Bag is compact, lightweight, stylish, and durable. It’s leaving behind other models due to perfect organization options, you’ll get multiple internal and external pockets to keep your things in place.

Product Specification
MaterialNylon and polypropylene
Capacity2 Liters
Weight0.5 Pounds
Dimension9.7 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches
  • Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Multiple internal and external pockets.
  • Waterproof fabric and zippers.
  • The front pocket isn’t handy.

7- Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Bag

On the clear ground, Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Bag is famous for its edgy, unique gear which is aimed at cyclists and city slickers.

Best EDC Sling Bag
Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Bag

We kept this large capacity option in our list to better equip the people who are going to carry more items to their destinations.

The most attractive thing about this bag is its aluminum buckle which is both durable land lightweight to keep the strapping stable.

And the bottle opening of this buckle gives it a nicer touch. The quick-release mechanism of the strap allows you to quickly adjust it at an accurate position.

Stunningly, the strap comes with a good amount of padding with the breathable mesh to ensure comfortable carry even when the bag is fully loaded.

Plus, a removable strap is also there that comes up under your arm to tightly hold the bag with your body.

The interior of this best EDC sling bag is simple which might hurt you when it comes to the organization of your gears. Also, the front pocket is long with plenty of space to place your easy-to-access things.

Although the organization on the main compartment is minimal, it has plenty of room to hold your tech pouch, a water bottle, a packable jacket, and much more.

And the provided D-ring at the top of the compartment is handy to attach your keys or hook a carabiner to it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Chrome Industries Kadet Sling Bag is spacious enough to hold all your essential items for a short trip.

You can even expect to securely place a tablet or tech pouch along with other essentials to do the trick. To ensure convenient carry, the straps on this best EDC sling bag are kept padded and comfy to ensure effortless carry.

Product Specification
MaterialNylon, Polyester
Capacity9 Liters
Weight522 Grams
Dimension43.18 x 21.08 x 6.1 cm
  • Excellent storage space.
  • Lightweight and durable material.
  • Padded strap with quick-release buckle.
  • Fewer options for organization.

8- Herschel Form Cross Body Bag

Out in the open, this backpack is famous for its teddy-bear backpack ness feature which has the heart of users. Regardless of wearing it like a sling bag, you can also wear it like a purse to suit best your style and preference.

Best EDC Sling Bag
Herschel Form Cross Body Bag

When it comes to material, the interior, exterior, and lining all are made of 100% polyester which isn’t bad in any respect.

The zippers on this best EDC sling bag are also durable with the Prusik cord pulls that are both smooth and durable. Moreover, a loop is there at the top of the bag which allows quick handling and hanging on the go.

On the other hand, the strap is designed in such a way that its part which touches the body is kept thicker and softer than the rest to ensure comfy carry and less damage to your clothing.

Plus, it’s highly adjustable and detachable which is even the most desired feature of many high-end sling bags. This detachable strap makes it highly portable and easy to pack in your luggage.

Coming to the inside of the bag, you can expect to get a capacity of up to 2 liters, but with a better internal organization, you can place more than it.

In the large compartment, you’ll find a back sleeve and a small pocket. The sleeve is proved excellent to secure a passport, phone, and other boarding documents.

Ahead of the curve, the main compartment on this affordable EDC sling bag is kept 3D in shape which allows you to nicely tuck your stuff without worrying about jumbling. And the two zippers closure which we loved the most.

The thing which we liked the most is the red striped fabric liner on all the pockets which makes access to your stuff quite easier by highlighting the right places.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Herschel Form Cross Body Bag is extremely lightweight, compact, durable, and affordable to provide you with the best of both worlds.

The bag is designed in a way to hold more stuff than its capacity if you know how to organize it well. We loved its shape, capacity, and different wearing styles!

Product Specification
Capacity2 Liters
Weight184 Grams
Dimension1 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches
  • 3D pockets shape to store more.
  • High visibility interior.
  • Good internal organization.
  • The strap isn’t that adjustable.

What to Look in an EDC Sling Bag?

As the matter of fact is that to accomplish your small carrying needs, you must have a compatible option in your hands.

Moving from a backpack to a far smaller cross-body bag is the real deal which you can’t proceed without having enough knowledge of the product.

As you are going to grab a sling bag due to its size and security features, so you must know that what things can make it more charming.

Knowing the nitty-gritty of the best EDC sling bag, you must be able to grab an excellent model.

Here. We’re going to show you that what features must be there in your chosen EDC sling bag.

1- Size

Most people love EDC sling bags just due to their small size. But how much smaller it should be? This question can be answered only when you perfectly know that what items you want to carry on the go.

Some people really don’t know which size is perfect for them and they end up grabbing a bigger sling bag that won’t be easy to carry on one shoulder for daily usage.

Keep in mind that your best EDC sling bag must be 1-10 Liter spacious, more than this isn’t recommends for everyday carry. Between these liters, you can go for one which can hold all your gears.

2- Weight

Another thing to consider is the weight which you never ignore when it comes to grabbing a decent EDC sling bag. As these bags are smaller and you will be carrying them with one strap, so make sure that they are lightweight.

Some EDC sling bags are compact but too bulkier to burden your back, which you won’t find comfy in any way.

We recommend you to grab a bag which is less than 4 pounds weight, anything about this might be tiring for carrying small gears.

3- Expandability

Expandability is the most attractive feature of sling bags which is available in only a few models. Expandable sling bags are excellent as they remain compact until you fill them up or opt to extend them to meet your needs.

This means you will feel like having two different bags to assist you in different needs. If you want to use this bag for different adventures, try to grab this option.

4- Adjustable Straps

This is the major feature about which you might be thinking without any saying. As we all have different body shapes and sizes, so adjustable straps are need of time to comfortably fit a sling bag across your body.

Moreover, adjustable straps allow you to differently wear the sling bag to stay comfy on any long travel. Before spending on any model, make sure that it comes with adjustable straps to do the trick.

5- Organization

Despite the size, weight, and security features of the best EDC sling bag, we all carve organization. Believe it or not, there is nothing worse than the inside of your bag resembling a rushed store where nothing is at an accurate place.

So, to get extra peace of mind and to equip yourself with the best in an hour of need, you must go for an EDC sling bag which comes with better organization options.

Although smaller bags mostly don’t have many compartments and pockets, there must be enough to keep separate your bigger and smaller items.

We recommend you grab a model which has a separate pocket in the main compartment, external pocket, side, or strap pocket to keep you well-organized.

6- Ease of Access the Insides

When you are outside, you might need any gear at any time of the day. If you are required to take off your sling bag to get any item, you will be frustrated.

So, you must check that how much easy it would be to access the pocket while wearing your bag. Some bags come with a pocket on the front part of a strap that allows you to conveniently access your phone, credit card, or other smaller items.

7- Waterproofing

To get your act together, you can’t be willing to damage your sensitive gear when you’re out and it starts raining.

As the weather at many places changes frequently, so you must be prepared for every situation. That’s why we recommend you to spend on any high-end EDC sling bag which has water repellent construction to give you extra peace of mind.

8- Durability

For smaller bags, durability is the main concern. No one would love to spend again and again on sling bags. So, you must count the durability before making a choice.

Most sling bags are carved using Nylon, Polyester, Leather, Canvas, and some with the brand’s special fabric. Your grabbed model must be made of durable material which can withstand the wear and tear of harsh weather.

9- Zippers

You are going to get a smaller bag which doesn’t mean you should ignore the quality of zippers. Rather you must double-check it just like on bigger backpacks.

As most sling bags are carved stylish, so if you change the zipper due to poor quality the look of your whole bag will be spoiled. Moreover, it must be sturdy enough to conveniently open and close even with one hand.

10- Padded Strap and Back

If you want to comfortably carry your best EDC sling bag, make sure it has a padded strap and padded back. The strap must be comfy to let you carry your bag with ease.

And the padded back is excellent to keep your back undisturbed, no matter how long you carry your EDC sling bag.

11- Versatility

Out in the open, versatility is the major factor that can let you use your sling bag in a variety of ways. Most advanced EDC sling bags come with convertible options to wear the bag differently which suits best your trip needs.

Wrapping it Up

On the moral high ground, the best EDC sling bag allows you to conveniently carry your daily usages towards your study, work, or adventure place.

As these bags are now trending worldwide, so almost all brands are now producing top-notch EDC sling bags to keep their customers satisfied. But due to lots of available options, you might feel lost.

That’s why we tried to hold you back by introducing the best EDC sling bag models and a complete guide to make you an expert in sling bags.

Read thoroughly and wisely make a purchase!