To set out on a new career, the backpack could be the major piece of gear for any Grad school student.

As a school student, there’s a great chance that you will be moving to and from classes all day long. That’s why the Best Backpacks for Grad School is must to have.

As a matter of fact, a new, durable backpack can help you to get in the right frame of mind, whether you’re physically headed back to school after COVID or attending classes online.

Getting the best backpack for Grad school can excellently lower the burden of your busy day. As a student, you don’t only need to carry textbooks. Rather you also need to carry your laptop or tablet along with the school day essentials like pencils, calculator, water bottle, and much more.

So, only the high-end backpack can do the trick for you. Most people prefer to have style and durability in one place. That’s why you need some deep research to accomplish your needs as the selected backpack will be your companion for the years to come.

If you want to grab an excellent backpack for Grad school, you have two choices. Either go and research by yourself which will take days or read this guide to instantly grab your dreamy backpack.

Well, we tested hundreds of models but found only a few as good regarding design, material, features, space, durability, and price.

So, we narrowed down our list to nine high-end backpacks for Grad school students. Stick with us to get the best of both worlds. Let’s get started!

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Top 9 Best Backpacks for Grad School

Here is our list of the Best Backpacks for Grad School on the market, all designed with lots of amazing features:

1- Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Sophie Backpack

Out in the open, the Kenneth Cole brand is famous for providing both style and quality in a single package. And this Backpack is no different.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Sophie Backpack

Moreover, it’s carved using silky Nylon which imparts a chic look that you can’t even expect from similarly priced models. And the design is kept dual strapped to effectively distribute and balance the weight of your load.

 The feature which we liked the most is the extra padded interior of this backpack, excellent enough to hold and protect your laptop. Plus, the multiple pockets are there to keep our stuff organized. Stunningly, the two side pockets are also zipped and large enough to hold water bottles, glasses cases, or even makeup kits.

Ahead of the curve, the 15 inches large central zipped interior is ideal for heavy school books. And the shoulder straps are both adjustable for comfy weight distribution throughout the school day.

The most stunning feature of this backpack is the incorporated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology which is excellent to block radio waves emitted from certain materials.

As far as durability is concerned, Nylon and Polyester are famous for their fantastic lightweight and enduring nature. So, you can expect to keep it with you for years to come.

Furthermore, the weight and density of the materials better ensure the protection of your belongings on the way to school or work.

All in all, Kenneth Cole Reaction Backpack is perfect for women who need a versatile backpack that is sophisticated enough for school books but stylish enough for weekend wear.

Main Features
MaterialNylon and Polyester
Weight1.8 Pound
Dimension13 x 6 x 16 inches
Good ForWomen
  • Padded laptop or tablet pocket.
  • Excellently waterproof.
  • Comfy, adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Several pockets for better organization.
  • Zippers aren’t so sturdy.
  • The inner lining isn’t too great.

2- VASCHY Unisex Classic School Backpack 

On the clear ground, VASCHY Unisex Classic School Backpack is designed specifically for school, college, or work holds. It’s carved in a simple, traditional design with preppy straps to fit multiple, heavy books inside.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
VASCHY Unisex Classic School Backpack

Moreover, it’s based on water-resistant polyester material to keep your books, stationery, and electronics safe even in rainy weather. Moreover, the provided anti-theft double zipper is excellent to keep your things secure even in crowded places.  

The most attractive thing about this backpack is its reinforced bottom which allows you to carry heavy books without putting much burden on your shoulders.

Also, the provided laptop pocket can hold any laptop up to 15 inches in size. So, it can easily fit multiple books and a laptop on the way to school.  

Stunningly, the incorporated multiple small pockets are amazing to keep your things organized. Now you will be able to easily access your keys and wallet.

Above all, the fully padded back panel with adjustable shoulder straps is worthy to ensure effortless carry.

The main concerning point for almost all people is the zippers of the backpack. But VASCHY has now resolved this issue. This Unisex Classic School Backpack comes with solid and sturdy zippers with an extra-long slider or zip puller

Overall, if you’re planning to carry lots of things to college or work, VASCHY Unisex Classic School Backpack is going to be your dreamy choice.

Main Features
Weight1.19 Pound
Dimension17.1 x 13 x 1.9 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Water-resistant durable material.
  • Multiple pockets for better organization.
  • Top handle to ensure easy carry.
  • Ultra-lightweight and budget-friendly.
  • Straps aren’t too padded.
  • Not excellent for heavy carry.

3- Himawari School Laptop Backpack with Laptop Compartment

To be at crossroads, Himawari School Laptop Backpack is sculptured to stand with you in multifunctional use. No matter you’re a student or business professional, packing your laptop is the major half of what you need for the day.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Himawari School Laptop Backpack

Well, this model is excellent to accomplish this need.

Actually, it’s an indicatively designed doctor-style bag to make it roomy and offer easier access to things inside. You can easily place up to 15 inches laptops in the well-padded laptop compartment. Stunningly, a dedicated compartment for iPad is also provided in addition to 15-liter available space to place your books or other things for daily use.

Moreover, the small zipper compartment is helpful to keep things organized. And the two side pockets are useful to place water bottles, glasses case, keys, and other small things which need quick access. Interestingly, the side pockets are water-tight to hold your dripping umbrella.

Ahead of the curve, Himawari School Laptop Backpack comes with the built-in detachable USB cable to assist you in charging your electronic devices via connecting your power banks.

Above all, the waterproof nature of this backpack makes it an ideal choice to carry your electronics and books.

Some other stunning features of this backpack include full metal hardware, adjustable shoulder straps, additional side-openings into the interior, and buttoned top haul handles to provide you with the best of both worlds.

As far as durability is concerned, the used material “Canvas” is sturdy, durable, and famous for its water-proof nature. Plus, the reinforced edge along with the steel frame helps to maintain shape and to make it more durable.

All in all, Himawari School Laptop Backpack has a massive interior capacity with multiple separate pockets to keep your stuff organized. It’s highly durable and water-resistant to stay with you in all weathers.

Main Features
MaterialCanvas Like
Weight1.56 Pound
Dimension17.52 x 13.7 x 3.5 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • 10 pockets for exceptional storage.
  • Doctor style opening ensures more space.
  • Highly durable, waterproof construction.
  • Straps and top handle ensure easy carry.
  • Metal zipper isn’t one-handed.
  • No zipped pocket in the main compartment.

4- Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday

On a clear note, Fjallraven Kanken Classic School Backpack is innovatively designed in a square shape which is the direct indication of this brand. You will find it good to place most of the school textbooks and regular size laptops to do the trick.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday

Actually, the provided 16L space is enough to hold your belongings safely. But don’t expect it good for carrying clothing, jackets, or other bulkier items as I didn’t succeed here.

The good thing about this backpack is its weight which is much lighter in this minimalistic design.

Ahead of the curve, the company synthesized a special material “VINYLON” for the construction of this backpack.

This material is famous for its strength and water resistance capabilities. We find it extremely durable under stressful conditions and we can proudly say that it can’t be torn easily.

Another thing which we liked the most is the ease of cleaning. The fabric is so strong that even a damp towel can remove all the marks without leaving any trace.

And the two handles at the front and rear sections are provided to evenly distribute the weight to keep it balanced.

The most stunning and innovative feature which you can’t find on any other company’s backpack is the way of arranging shoulder straps. Unlike the straight placement, they are mounted in a cross pattern. What’s the benefit of this thing?

Actually, this innovation ensures the weight of the bag feels lighter compared to the same weight carried in a different design backpack. Seems Cool!

In summary, Fjallraven Kanken Classic School Backpack is extremely versatile as you can remove the inside foam to use as a cushion and to create more room for your things. It’s superb to balance weight and durable to stay with you for decades.

Main Features
Weight10.6 Pound
Dimension5.1 x 10.61 x 15 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Extra padded to ensure comfort.
  • Double handle for weight balancing.
  • Cross designed straps bear more weight.
  • Removable foam makes it versatile,
  • Carry handles aren’t padded.
  • Not good for bulky and large items.

5- Vintage Canvas School Backpack

On the moral high ground, Vintage Canvas School Backpack is innovatively designed to hold your stuff safely.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Vintage Canvas School Backpack

They carved it using the material called “Canvas”, which is famous for its high-end sturdiness and water-resistant nature. Moreover, a leather and cotton lining touch is also given to impart a classy feel.

Stunningly, a dedicated laptop pocket is incorporated to fit in any computer of up to 15.6 inches. This compartment is highly padded to keep your sensitive devices safe from strong jerks or shaking.

The most amazing feature of Vintage School Backpack is the incorporated external Micro-USB with a set-in charging cable to make charging more convenient.

Moreover, the added zippers are strong and durable enough to equip you with the best performance in all conditions. The sliders on the zippers are big enough to smoothen the opening and closing process.

To ensure comfy travel, the back straps are heavily padded to not burden your shoulders much. These straps are adjustable to balance the weight and to place the bag at your back where you want.

To hold almost all stuff, Vintage Canvas School Backpack comes with 10 different compartments and pockets. The main compartment has one laptop sleeve and two multi-functional pockets to hold your textbooks or other things.

Moreover, three front zipper pockets could be used to place small iPads, knives, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Plus, two magnetic pockets are excellent to keep things that you need quickly. And two side pouches to hold umbrellas or water bottles. What else do you need?

Overall, Vintage School Backpack is roomy enough to fit in anywhere throughout the whole work or study day. The built-in quality is durable and the design is sleek to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Main Features
Weight1.4 Pound
Dimension13 x 4.7 x 17.3 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Plenty of compartments and pockets.
  • Top extra padded carry handle.
  • External micro-USB cable.
  • Very attractive design.
  • Front pockets are smaller.
  • USB could be misplaced.

6- Bruno Cavalli Laptop Backpack

To tread carefully, Bruno Cavalli Laptop Backpack is designed in a way to accomplish your needs of any log travel.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Bruno Cavalli Laptop Backpack

We find it perfect for Grad school students who love to carry lots of things to their study places. You will be able to keep your all stuff well organized in a compact case.

The good thing is that you will get a separate laptop compartment to keep your laptop of any size around 15.6 inches. And the other spacious packing compartment is roomy enough to hold your iPad, charger, mouse, books, and even clothes.

Plus, the provided side pockets are wide enough to hold your water bottles and small-sized umbrellas. And the front small pockets are excellent to store your small items like pencils, chargers, and any other things which you like.

The thing which we liked the most is the excellent padding which gives you extra support. Unlike similarly priced models, the multi-panel padding allows comfortable airflow for proper ventilation. The breathable shoulder straps can relieve the stress of the shoulder.

As you can keep too many things in this backpack, so a padded top handle is also provided to assist you in a long carry. Moreover, the luggage strap really helped us to fit this backpack on the suitcase handle.

Stunningly, the hidden anti-theft pocket allows you to carry your valuable items with you even in crowded places.

And the USB cable with a built-in charging cable allows convenient charging even during walking. We used the headphone to listen to music and they performed well.

All in all, Bruno Cavalli Laptop Backpack is excellently roomy, sturdy, well-designed, and comes with advanced ports addition. You can use it on the way to school, work, or even for any long journey.

Main Features
Weight10.4 Ounces
Dimension5 x 5 x 0.7 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Incorporated USB port and headphone jack.
  • Perfect for college, work, and traveling.
  • Anti-theft pocket to protect your valuables.
  • Extra padded design with multiple pockets.
  • Zippers aren’t metal.
  • USB port charges slowly.

7- Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

On the moral high ground, Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is designed to meet the needs of school-going individuals. But it’s roomy enough to be your best companion on any travel adventure.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

While testing, we placed one Microsoft surface tablet, two large textbooks, one lab notebook, and all the pens, pencils, calculations, and cell phones without encountering any space problem. You can even place more books if you’re really to bear the load on your shoulders.

As far as the material construction is concerned, Nylon fibers are used in making the design, and polyester lining is added to make it more attractive and durable. These materials make it extremely easy to clean, even a wet towel can do the basic cleaning task for you.

A total of six pockets are provided, of which one is specifically designed for laptops. Moreover, one front zipper pocket can hold your valuable items which you want to quickly access during an hour of need.

And a destined pencil case to keep your pencils separately. You can place water bottles or umbrellas in the side pockets.

Stunningly, a USB charging port with a set-in charging cable allows convenient charging on your way. Plus, the shoulder straps are extra padded to make you feel comfortable while carrying heavy items. You can adjust the straps to meet your needs.

Keeping the long story short, Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is perfect for your daily carry needs. We find it excellent for school, work, and travel. Above all, the price point is very attractive for all the features.

Main Features
MaterialNylon and Polyester
Weight1.4 Pounds
Dimension11.8 x 6.8 x 15.8 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Plenty of pockets for better organization.
  • Design is very sleek and stylish.
  • Budget-friendly price range.
  • Zippers aren’t great.
  • Side pockets are not stretchy.

8- Vintage Estarer PU Leather School Backpack

Rooted in, Vintage Estarer PU Leather Backpack is innovatively carved in a buckle closure design that looks classy.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
Vintage Estarer PU Leather School Backpack

As it’s based on durable PU leather, so you can expect to keep it with your decades without compromising on the look. And the polyurethane lining adds flare to the existing design.

One of the most attractive features of this backpack is its water-resistant nature. So, students can use it in any weather.

To hold almost all necessary stuff, this backpack comes with 7 different compartments. Of which one pocket is hidden behind the front flap.

Unlike other models, two main compartments are provided to place your laptop, iPad, or other such electronics. And the two open pockets are there to let you keep your things like books or clothes.

Plus, the zipper closed pocket which is the front wall of the main compartment is excellent enough to keep your stuff secure. You can use the front zipper closure small pocket to hold your valuable small goods which need quick access.

To maintain the square design, side pockets are not added. Well, most people love to have a side pocket. But looking at the excellent durability, space, and price range of this model, no addition of side pockets can’t be a deal-breaker. Do you think the same?

Coming to the straps, they are a mix-up of leather and ribbon to ensure softness and sturdiness at a time. These shoulder straps are adjustable in length to suit the best people of different weights and heights. And the top handle assures safe carry of weighty items.

Overall, this Vintage Backpack is ideal for school, college, shopping, and travel. The design is so sleek and unique that you can expect to keep it with you on any occasion.

If you want to get sturdiness, smoothness, and sleekness at an affordable price, just go and grab this backpack.

Main Features
MaterialPU Leather
Weight1.9 Pounds
Dimension12.40 x 12.99 x 2.40 inches
Good ForWomen
  • Fashionable and sleek design.
  • Compact, and lightweight.
  • Equally suitable for school and work.
  • Highly secure for sensitive items.
  • The top handle isn’t so sturdy.
  • A bit heavier.

9- MarsBro Slim Laptop Backpack

To get on, MarsBro Slim Laptop Backpack is designed specifically to carry your electronics to school or workplaces. The main attractive point of this Backpack is its large capacity. You will find it large enough to carry things more than you need.

Best Backpacks for Grad School
MarsBro Slim Laptop Backpack

Amazingly, you can place any laptop of up to 17 inches in the provided laptop compartment. This section is precisely padded to keep your laptop fit and secure.

We used the front compartment to place phones, iPad, and other such gadgets which need both safety and quick access.

Practically, students can use the large main compartment to place textbooks, notebooks, and clothes along with the 17 inches laptop. Moreover, two front zipper pockets are also provided to keep your pencils or similar things. We found that these pockets are quite roomy compared to other such models.

The thing which we liked the most is the available anti-theft pocket. You can use it to place your mobile, wallet, car keys, or other valuables while crossing any crowd.

Besides this, you can also use it on the way to traveling. The incorporated trolley sleeve is excellent to fix on the luggage bag. And the two-carrying option can help you whenever you feel tired of picking it in one position.

Ahead of the curve, the shoulder straps come with massage mats which are superb to relieve stress on your shoulders. Moreover, it’s water repellent and tear-resistant, so you can keep your things safe even in rain.

Overall, MarsBro Slim Laptop Backpack is versatile enough to be used for school, work, business meetings, and travel. The design is so sturdy to bear any harsh weather conditions.

Main Features
Weight1.76 Pounds
Dimension17.95 x 13.03 x 3.23 inches
Good ForUnisex
  • Quite large and affordable.
  • Durable buckle and zipper.
  • Anti-thief pocket and charging port.
  • Multi-purpose backpack.
  • No side pockets.
  • The top handle isn’t that great.

A Nifty Buying Guide to Choose the Best Backpack for Grad School

Grounded in fact, a backpack is a real deal for school goings. As school students used to carry most of their stuff in bags, so only the best backpack for Grad school can accomplish all the needs.

As lots of brands and hundreds of models are there in the market, you must know that which one is perfect for you.

How to know which backpack will fit your needs? To answer this question, we have designed this user-friendly buying guide to teach you the nitty-gritty of school backpacks.

Read and find the below-mentioned features in your chosen model before making a purchase.

Things to Consider

Let’s discuss what features must be there in your backpack.

1- Overall Size

The very first thing you need to consider is the size of the backpack. You must select the one which is appropriate for your height and width. An adult Grad school student shouldn’t opt for a child-sized backpack.

But you must keep in mind that the height of the backpack extends below the shoulder blades to almost your waist level. So, consider this thing before calculating the right size for you.

2- Material Type

The real game-changer in your backpack performance is the used material. Different backpacks are carved using different materials such as leather, nylon, polyester, cotton, canvas, and some brands prefer to use their own synthesized special material for backpack construction.

You must be aware that which material you like the most and which is more durable. We recommend you to use backpacks made of leather, nylon, canvas, and polyester. We tested and these materials proved good to bear wear and tears in different situations.

3- Compartments and Pockets

The next thing which you look for is slots or dividers to keep your stuff well organized. They are also excellent to equally distribute the extra weight to make you feel comfortable.

If you are specifically buying the backpack for Grad school, they must consider what you’re going to carry. Almost all the grad school students also need to carry the laptop with their books.

So, don’t forget to find a dedicated laptop compartment for your laptop to place.

And look for other pockets as you’re going to place other stuff like pencils, calculators and many more. So, make your mind that how many pockets you might be needing and choose the backpack accordingly.

4- Straps

Another major thing to keep in the count is the straps of your backpack. Believe it or not, straps are the major significant part of backpacks for Grad school, as they will be carrying all the weight on their own.

As the grad school students put lots of textbooks, notebooks, laptops, iPad, and other such bulky items, so the straps on your chosen model much are wider and padded.

The padded straps help in comfy carry. Moreover, make sure that the straps are adjustable to enable convenient carry and to suit best to your style.

5- To Handle

Although straps are excellent to help you in carrying all the weight of your backpack, sometimes our shoulders are tired of lifting the heavyweight.

At that time, you’ll need the top handle to perfectly carry your backpack. So, make sure that your chosen model has both straps and a top handle to make your life easier.


As a matter of fact, most of the backpacks for Grad school don’t come with a sturdy zipper. So, might feel it annoying to change the zipper as it will also hurt the overall design and look of your backpack.

That’s why you must go for the model that has metal zippers with long sliders and durable fabric to serve you best throughout your school journey.

7- Style and Color

Above all other things, you must be aware of your preferred style which can suit your personality. Different backpacks for Grad school come in different styles and colors, choose the one which looks decent and charming for your needs.

In our list of best backpacks for Grad school, we’ve included backpacks of almost all designs to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Final Verdict

Keeping the long story short, the best backpack for Grad school students are real game-changers to make you feel comfy throughout the busy day. They allow you to safely carry your books, laptop, iPad, calculator, and other things to perform well.

In this modern era, we surely know that selecting one from hundreds of available models isn’t that easy. But don’t worry, as our reviewed models are excellent to do the trick for you. Go and grab one that perfectly suits your needs.

Happy Studies!