In Urban dictionaries, a backpack rapper is defined as someone who raps on real-life issues and experiences and dislikes rapping about money and pimping like other commercial and mainstream rappers. You can say a backpack rapper is a young aspiring musician rapping about his life experiences and real-time issues.

A backpack rap is music that is listened to by backpackers. A backpack rap is also referred to as alternative Hip Hop rap. Here, the word “Backpacker” refers to those people who only listen to underground and conscious rap.

Backpack rappers are considered real artists as they focus on real-life issues and are a source of conflict between rap lovers with a signature backpack on their shoulders. These types of rappers have created massive underground movements and have led fans to like them worldwide. 

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Who is a backpack rapper?

A backpack rapper is an artist who explains real-life issues and his life experiences in the form of a rap opposing to commercial or mainstream rappers who rap about money or pimping.

However, backpack rappers originally started rapping based on anti-commercial raps, but a few backpackers like Nas and Kanye West made it to commercial rap.

A backpacker refuses to produce any commercial rap music and conform to traditional rap,, i.e. bass, gangsta, pop, and hardcore. They, instead, draw inspiration from genres such as blues, reggae, soul, funk, and even rock.

How have backpack rappers evolved in rapping history?

The idea of backpackers has emerged from the backpacks slung over the shoulder of alternative hip hop rappers in the early 80s. These backpacks were stuffed with rhyme books and spray cans. Backpack rappers were also known as graffiti artists back in the early 80s.

Backpack rappers live by the rule: “It doesn’t belong if it doesn’t fit into a backpack”. This idea was started by graffiti artists afterwards; the trend of oversized backpacks was popularized by the people involved in alternative hip hop music.

Backpacks commonly used by backpack rappers

We have listed out some backpacks that have been used by famous rappers like Kanye West and Nas.

NBA Young-boy Theme Backpack

This backpack was named after an American rapper named NBA Young boy. This is a heavy-duty backpack featuring multiple pocket spaces, superior construction and graphic design of NBA Young-Boy.

This is the reason why this backpack is called by its name. With a black background and graphics of a rapper, it makes out the perfect backpack for your rap needs.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps that allow easy movement
  • Small-sized compartments for keeping rap essentials
  • Includes zinc alloy hanging zipper head
  • It comes in a standard unisex size
  • Compatible for hand washing 
  • Lightweight and durable design

HAI XING123: Men And Women RUBIE Kanye West Bear Backpacks

A simple, practical and stylish backpack made out of 100% high-grade polyester is very comfortable to use and falls in today’s fashion trend. It is compatible with hand washing as well as a washing machine.

Washing advice: Avoid bleaching and not soaking it for too long, and you are good to go.


  • Multipurpose features
  • Made of durable high-grade polyester fabric
  • Adjustable to carry heavyweights
  • Compatible for hand washing and washing machine 
  • Comfortable, stylish, soft, practical and straightforward and long-lasting design

Kendrick Lamar Backpack

This great backpack was designed after a meticulous process that makes it fall into the premium class backpacks category.

This backpack is best for hip hop artists and conscious rappers. Due to its heavy-duty construction and durability, you can carry your heavy stuff in it as well.


  • Comes in standard unisex size.
  • Durable spun poly fabric offers high print quality.
  • Spacious interior compartment with a laptop sleeve that can hold up to 15” laptop.
  • Padded nylon back and bottom.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.  
  • Easy accessible front pocket to keep your valuables.

Megan Thee Stallion Backpack

This versatile backpack is made of a durable 100% polyester shell and crafted with poly fabric for generating high-quality print. This backpack has an interior laptop sleeve coupled with an external mesh pocket and adjustable padded shoulder straps.


  • Available in standard unisex size (17” x 12.5” x 5” / 43 x 31 x 12 cm)
  • Made of 100% durable polyester shell
  • Interior laptop pocket 
  • Padded nylon bottom and back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • Front compartment and mesh pockets for accessories

ASAP Rocky American Canvas Backpacks

This is a massive range of backpacks with galaxy prints and rapturously loved by the backpacker. This range of backpacks consists of elegant and straightforward backpacks that exude the beauty of colours coupled with beautiful graphics and portable build.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • Small-sized pockets for accessories.
  • Made from 100% durable polyester shell 
  • Available in standard unisex size.
  • Compatible for hand washing 
  • External mesh pocket and adjustable padded straps
  • An internal laptop sleeve that can fit standard-sized laptops

Canvas Backpack Kanye West Innovative Neutral Minimalist Style Black

This is a unique styled backpack with an innovative design that has caught the attention of lovers of this genre – the “Alternative hip hop”. 

This backpack comes with a night black color with a minimalist design that has made it the centre of attention for the backpacks. 


  • Buckle closure
  • Compatible for washing on hand 
  • Adjustable and Reinforced shoulder strap 
  • Made out of durable and high-quality material
  • Front pockets to keep your accessories handy
  • It can be carried on the chest, so there’s no chance of any theft activity
  • Comfortable design that doesn’t fatigue your shoulders

Here are some of the backpacks that are popular among backpack rappers.

Some Famous Backpack Rappers

Here is a list of some famous backpack rappers

  • Kayo
  • Ankore
  • Gentle Jones
  • -KAYO-
  • KEVdiggs ft.
  • Indefinite & Sense One
  • Golden Age
  • YK Cleveland
  • Mr. Model
  • Jains
  • Nefertiti
  • Partyboobytrap
  • great lakes crew
  • Figaro the Kid / Yellow Bile
  • Aimless Sidekick
  • List one

Frequently asked question

Why do backpack rappers wear a backpack?

U have always seen a backpack rapper with a backpack on his back. This is why they wear a backpack to carry their essential belongings, i.e. records, mics, spray paint, markers, cables, b-ball gear, CDs etc., with them wherever they go. 

Backpack rappers are named so because they wear a backpack?

This is not that one reason but one of the reasons they are called backpack rappers. In fact, it’s a trend for the rapper to carry a backpack.

The main reason why they are called backpack rappers is that they make that music that explains real-life incidents, issues and experiences of that rapper, and the listeners can relate to them.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, a backpack rapper allows people to take motivation through music based on real-life issues. He is not concerned with the commercial and mainstream domain of rapping. Carrying a backpack was a trend for this rapper that was evolved from the very start. 

So due to the trend, a specific domain of backpacks was manufactured with key features that should be in a rapper’s backpack. These backpacks are compact yet stylish and durable that allowing every rapper to carry their most essentials without getting too heavy on their back.

We hope this article will have helped you increase your knowledge about backpack rappers and the famous backpack used by the backpacker.

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